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Endellion Viexe Ti
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Player: Sedona

Name: Endellion Viexe Ti
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Planet of Origin: Dathomir
Clan: Frenzied River
Age: 23

Avatar: Deepika Padukone
Height: 5'3
Weight: 125
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep brown
Skintone: Dark

Rank, Alignment, Training Orientation: Meta Spellhunter Witch

Personality: While originally the epitome of a perfectly mannered initiate and progeny of the matriarch of the clan, a chance encounter with traders left Endellion stranded on Nar Shaddaa. This hardened her into a cynical and rough personality. She is too contrary for her own good and maybe a bit quick to start a fight. She inserts sarcasm and sass at every avenue possible, and can be obnoxiously short-sighted. She has a tendency towards rash, satisfying action and has the persistence of an Anzat on a death hunt.

A little story to illustrate her history:

“Quit your bitching, Dede, I'm home,” the black haired fiend spat. “The least you could do was at least be happy for five seconds before the slander begins.” Her arms were folded across her chest as she waited for the woman in front of her to move out of her way.

Her mother turned her body so that the young woman could walk through. A slew of venomous insults piled in the dark reaches of her mind as she began to wonder what kind of daughter would say such things to the matriarch of her clan! Dieda Ti had previously had such high hopes for her daughter, and then she just up and vanished without a trace. No warning, nothing. Then the girl comes back with strange clothes, cigarettes and a bad attitude 4 years later. Dieda was too old to be dealing with this. People weren't supposed to end up taking care of their great-grandchildren as if they were their own, especially not at this age.

“Where have you been? Why didn't you come home?” Dieda demanded. “Endellion, I need to know what's going on here.”

“Christ, she pulled out the whole name, I must be in big trouble,” the young woman sarcastically surmised as she took a seat at the table and propped her mud-covered boots up. Endellion looked up at her great grandmother and took a breath. The truth was humiliating. A pathetic little gaggle of MEN had kidnapped her for the slave trade. MEN! Men weren't capable of pulling stunts like that, not on Dathomir. No, to be captured by men, one had to be incredibly stupid. The only living heir of the matriarch couldn't be that stupid.

“I demand an answer, girl!” Dieda yelled, slamming the door shut. Her fury was awe-inspiring. This was a woman of discipline and control; to see her snap into a rage was beyond strange. However, for 19 years, this little twit before her had been a good daughter, better than the failures that had died before her. Matriarch Ti had really been counting on Endellion to keep up the family legacy. Thus, patience and virtue gave way to the wrath of an angry mother.

Endellion's head dropped in shame. “I was taken, Dede,” she said, softly, unable to look her caretaker in the eye. “I didn't come back because I couldn't... I couldn't come home until I had done something to make up for my weakness.” The boots came off of the table, and her arms dropped to her legs. “Like my mother before me, and her mother before that, I was bested by inferiors.”

Diedra's lips pursed and she sat down. She was torn between happiness at seeing her lost progeny, pity and rage. “Explain,” she stated simply.

“I was helping lead the rancors onto the cargo ship, when suddenly everything went black,” Ende said mechanically, as if it were being pulled back up her throat like a half-digested piece of spaghetti. “And I later find out that it was a trap. They had bought a rancor so that they could bag a witch. When I was busy with... I can't remember his name... but when I was busy with one of the rancors,  they shot me in the back with a stun bolt. When I woke up, I was bound and gagged, apparently already in hyperspace.”

“So how did you get back here?” Diedra questioned. Her tone conveyed nothing, but a sense of revulsion and shame had overcome her. This is what one gets when they trade with outsiders!

“Well, once I wasn't getting jumped from behind, it wasn't too hard to break loose,” Endellion said, shrugging. “I may have been fool enough to turn my back to them before, but any descendent of Diedra Ti knows how to pick a lock. When we got to Nar Shaddaa, I broke free and ran.” Here, she hesitated. “I... worked a few odd jobs until I came up with the cash to get a ride home, and then I realized that I couldn't go home yet. So, I turned the money towards finding out who had done this to me.”

“So... you spent 4 years tracking them down?” Diedra asked.

Endellion's eyes slid slightly to the right of her adopted mother's eyes as she replied, “Something like that.” She shook the thoughts off for a moment and then continued with, “Anyways, I killed them, stole their ship and bought back every rancor that was in that cargo hold that hadn't been brutally killed already. None of our great brothers should be subjected to whatever those men had intended any more than I should. All of these are outside with the vessel I claimed.”

An agonizing silence followed as Diedra pondered the words of the young girl before her. Finally, she told her, “You have done enough to regain your honor as a clan member. You may return to your place in this household and your training. I admit that I am.... ashamed that you could allow a pathetic group of men take 4 years of your life away from you, but if what you say is true and you've brought the ship and the rancor brethren, then you have proved your worth.”

Endellion felt a stab of pain go through her heart. Of course Dede couldn't just be happy that her daughter was home. The proud clanmother had to make sure that her asset wasn't damaged goods. Rage and pain pulsed through her bones like a hammer beating against a metal slab, but the young woman kept herself in line.

“Now, put yourself to work with the blades in the back,” Diedra said, as if no time had passed at all. “I will go tell the women who were out searching and gathering information to stop their work.” The woman stood, and her impressive stiff upper lip kicked back in. She began walking for the door, before she was stopped by the shocked tone that came out of her great granddaughter's mouth.

“You searched every day for 4 years, Dede?” Endellion marveled.

“Of course, Ende,” Mistress Ti said, waving her hand carelessly as she walked out the door.
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Endellion Viexe Ti
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