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Hanoori are an extremely long lived race, existing for what averages to be around 2000 years.  There is no real length in which they die of old age, but accidents catch everyone at some point. They require 30 years to grow from the size of a seed (about the size of a shelled pistachio) to a mass that could be considered sentient, at least a cubic foot in volume. They are born in pods of about 25-50 seeds, in which only 3 will likely survive. Hanoori function through the harmony of all parts. They have no organs or inner systems. They are simply a photosynthetic mass of cells. In biological terms, they are closest to the synthesis of plant and fungi, but there seems to be something else happening entirely. They are extremely hard to burn as  far as wood goes, but they do burn. Electricity, laser implements and other heat based weapons can cause heavy smoldering, and the affected limb often must be removed in order to stop the whole body from doing so.

Hanoori are extremely adaptable in construction. Many choose to take mobile forms with legs and no roots, but a large number choose to remain rooted, as it is easier to absorb nutrients through the ground. (The longest living Hanoori currently is Felaie the Elder, who has taken the form of a massive boulder and is currently 20,000 years old.) Once every 200 years, Hanoori go through a rapid shifting period in which they can change the template of how they look, but they are stuck in that form for the 200 years. Once in that form, they can regrow any appendage given the doubling of light, nutrients and water and sufficient time. (Around 2 weeks for a full leg.) They require about 40% of the body to be able to regrow. Any smaller, and it's very unlikely that the Hanoori will recover. Due to the nature of their life, if there are two viable pieces for regrowth, they won't regrow more than one. Either both will be reunited, or one will emerge as the dominant piece, usually the larger one.

If a Hanoori takes a human form and is 5'6, they would probably weigh roughly 450 lbs. They are capable of producing almost any external texture, but that texture usually only penetrates for an inch. Inside of that, they maintain the true Hanoori solidity, which is similar to bark, but much more dense. They can subsist on roughly 4 hours of direct sunlight from a source as powerful as the Del Fann sun, 6 liters of water and a variety of nutrients similar to that of a large oak tree. Of course, this varies depending on the size of the Hanoori.
Hanoori produce by spore production and receiving. There are spore producers and receivers, though it's very hard to tell which are which just by looking, unless a receiver is carrying a pod at that particular moment. The pod will hang off of a random part of the body, about the size of a fist. A producer will let loose a cloud of spores from every direction on a weekly basis if the spores are not consciously released. These spores are hallucinogenic to most humanoids and can actually get quite a good price as a drug. Usually, a feeling of euphoria along with figments of the mind jumping into what appears to be reality. In rare cases, a human might have a “bad  trip,” but it's very unlikely with Hanoori spores.
They breathe carbon dioxide. Usually, if a human can breathe the air, a Hanoori can, too.

All Hanoori are sensitive to the Force on an extremely low level. This is how they communicate, as they have no vocal chords. Hanoori produce sounds extremely easily with the Force, as a result. However, the likeliness of a Hanoori being Force sensitive on the level of a Jedi is extremely low. If humans were at a probability of .01% (1 in 10,000), then Hanoori would be at .001% (1 in 100,000).

Hanoori Force users perceive the Force differently than most species. They refer to it as the Grand Symphony, and Force users as Conductors. The will of the Force is referred to as the Great Melody. If asked how things are told to them, the response received is something along the lines of whispers or grand musical movements rather than feelings or visualizations. They are particularly good at shatterpoint techniques, both in the foresight and physical methodologies. They also are particularly effective in Force screams or other sonic based effects.

Hanoori are almost always unable to heal beings from the animal kingdom, just as most who don't focus on it cannot heal plants. However, Hanoori are more hindered than the average being, and very few healers ever can find a way to heal Hanoori, even if they know how to heal normal plants. It's a barrier of deeper understanding of biological function. Hanoori can usually heal plants as easily as a Human could heal a wookiee.

Also, Hanoori Force users are at a handicap when it comes to telepathy, mind tricks and other mental tricks in relationship with animal based entities. This is due to the fact that Hanoori do not function with organs and therefore have no brain. Everything is about complete harmony  and communion with itself. With enough practice, they can overcome this  roadblock, but very few ever take the time to do so. Particularly, because Hanoori are much more adept with manipulation of light and sound  itself, achieving a number of the same effects with a different tactic.  

The real prize of a Hanoori Force user is their ability with Shatterpoints. Because their entire existence relies upon the union of parts and they naturally follow the “Melody” of the Force, finding pressure points

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Hanoori Force Powers

Apprentice Level Powers

Hanoori powers are neutral, and can be learned with enough patience from both the teacher and student. They can be learned by a Hanoori Conductor, who has trained on Del Fann, or from a Conductor.

Dancing Lights
Description: This ability is similar to Force cloak in that it is based in bending light, but to a different effect. Instead of obscuring the user, it causes light in the immediate vicinity of the Force user. The most common manifestation is a swirling aurora-like spectacle around the Hanoori. This is different from mind trick because it is not affecting a mind, but the actual light surrounding the Force User.

Unseen Instrument
Description: This is one of the first powers that a Hanoori will manifest. In Hanoori Force users who accidentally access powers, this is the most likely culprit. The range of problems associated with an accidental manifest can be an irritating hum to a pleasant symphony to accidentally shattering glass or crystal with an ultra high frequency. When controlled, a Hanoori can make a sound appear in the area around them rather than appearing to come from them, like normal Hanoori speech. The truly experienced will be able to make an imitation of a voice or the subtleties of a true instrument. This is different from mind trick because it is not affecting a mind, but the actual vibrations in the nearby vicinity of the Force user.
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Knight Level Powers

Hanoori powers are neutral, and can be learned with enough patience from both the teacher and student. They can be learned by a Hanoori Conductor, who has trained on Del Fann, or from a Conductor.

Improved Dancing Lights
Prerequisite: Dancing Lights
Description: An improvement on the original power, this ability extends and enhances the original power of Dancing Lights. A wider area can be affected, now. The ability to divert light and thus obscure the immediate area around the Force User in darkness is also possible, and inexperienced knights can darken a whole room or light up an auditorium. (Notice that darkness takes more effort than light.) More experienced ones might be able to lighten a much larger area, approaching possibly a whole city as the knight approaches master. The ability for precision increases, as well. Specific images, colors and illusions can be created. Again, as the knight approaches master, this application of the ability becomes greater, as well.

Improved Unseen Instrument
Prerequisite: Unseen Instrument
Description: An improvement on the original power, this ability extends and enhances the original power of Unseen Instrument. Area of effect, volume of ability and precision all are increased by this upgrade. With proper concentration, a Knight could synthesize an entire orchestra or a room full of talking people. As the Force user progresses, the ability also progresses. One might be able to disorient a foe with the proper level of volume.
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Master Level Powers
The only ability restricted to Hanoori force users only is Enhanced Shatterpoint. All other powers can be learned with enough patience from both the teacher and student. They can be learned by a Hanoori Conductor, who has trained on Del Fann, or from a Conductor.

Blinding Flash:
Prerequisite: Improved Unseen Instrument
Description: While one might be able to achieve a blinding light with the power Improved Dancing Lights, it would require a full concentration of the power, and would probably have to be achieved over a few moments of forcing someone to adjust to the higher level of light. With this power, the ability of Dancing Lights is concentrated into a single, powerful burst. The most powerful users can create a high enough energy level to sear skin, but most just create an intensity of light that ranges across the whole spectrum of the visible and IR spectrum that will cause most creatures to be unable to see for anywhere from the size of a saucer to the size of a full nuclear blast.

Sonic Burst
Prerequisite: Improved Unseen Instrument
Description: This is a concentration of the power used in the Unseen Instrument. The power of the sound wave is enough to knock someone to the ground just as if it were a wall of Force push moving outwards from the Force User in a spherical dispersal pattern. The same power can be focused on anything that can vibrate. With concentration, it can be maintained. This has less of the blast part previously mentioned, but an excellent ability for interrupting whatever is going on. The vibrations will produce a hum. This ability has a variety of applications, from interrupting air flow by vibrating the rib cage to knocking back a surrounding group of enemies.

Only available to a Hanoori Force Practitioner.
Enhanced Shatterpoint:
Prerequisites: Blinding Flash, Sonic Burst
Description: Hanoori are capable of becoming extraordinary masters of harmony, due to the way their bodies are constructed. Their cells must be in union with one another in order for them to survive. As such, they naturally trend towards the ways in which physics overlaps with the Force: light, sound, harmony and union of all things. When they gain this ability, their entire body becomes aware of the sounds and colors oozing from the Great Symphony at all times. Precognitive abilities and physical abilities related to shatterpoint are capable of being drawn upon at will, as well as a better knowledge of where those lines of shatterpoint veins will lead. Anything that normally could be done with Shatterpoint can now be done with a mere thought and no time at all. The mastering of this ability requires multiple lifetimes of work, multiple Force discipline methods learned (Jedi, Sith, Dathomiri, Hanoori, etc.) and knowledge of all previous Hanoori techniques. Shatterpoint, Hanoori species, studying with the Master Conductor on Del Fann after learning Shatterpoint and 3 seperate full threads of using the Shatterpoint technique. This is a technique that should take YEARS to learn. Please that in mind. You can begin the progress in your Knighthood, but you need to be well into your Masterhood before you can learn it.
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