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Eclipse Star Dreadnaught Praetor
Transitory Mists, Hapes Cluster

Cameron was in his expansive stateroom onboard the Praetor when the Eclipse-class Star Dreadnaught and its escorts arrived in the Hapes Cluster, just outside the Transitory Mists.  Due to the nature of the Mists, the Praetor and her two escorts could not transit through to the cluster proper without one of the precise safe routes being programmed into the navicomputer.  Though Hapes had long since abandoned its mostly isolationist ways, Cameron preferred to keep knowledge of the routes strictly confidential.  The sound of his call buzzer ringing highlighted the arrival he'd felt of his apprentice.  With a wave of his hand, the Sith Lord opened the heavy doors.  "Crixus."

A figure wrapped in a black cloak adorned with a very specific coat of arms on either of the sleeves swept into the room and immediately dropped to a kneel.  "Lord Illuminus.  We have arrived, and your vessel has been prepared."

The Sith Lord finished reviewing the flimsis arrayed before him prior to responding to his apprentice.  "Very well.  What of Admiral H'shiro?"

"Recent reports have confirmed him to be in possession of a sizable chunk of the rogue assets.  Our contacts indicate that he makes infrequent port visits, never in the same place, and never with his full force.  They claim the vessels have even been...repainted to appear in the service of a strictly civilian operation."

Cameron's silver-green gaze looked up to regard the man that was still knelt before him.  "Oh?  How can they be so certain it isn't merely a civilian organization.  With the state of the galaxy, it is certainly possible.  Besides, our intelligence does not indicate H'shiro having command of any of the newer technologies."  The Sith Lord's questions was, of course, rhetorical.  "Still.  A repaint job of that scope would have taken time and a great deal of money.  That's a tough paper trail to disguise."  Standing from his seat, Cameron went to retrieve his high-collared black and silver overcoat.  After pulling on the fine fabric, he returned his gaze to Crixus.  "Depart immediately to deal with this personally, my apprentice.  Utilize our underground network as much as possible, I do not want H'shiro to so much as catch a scent of former Imperial involvement."

"As you command, My Lord."

Giving his apprentice a final nod, Cameron swept out of his chambers and entered the corridor.  No guards followed him - the Sith Lord had given up the useless trappings of such illusions.  There was no need for a status symbol to surround him.  Officially, the Empire was no more.  More was an empty gesture that he did not need.  The galaxy had been prepared as planned.  In due time, it would be reshaped into something that the Empire of Infinite Darkness could never have hoped to achieve.

Fountain Palace, Hapes
Two Hours Later

The sleek Sith Infiltrator cut through the Hapan skies after being granted permission to land by Hapan Defense Command, a formality he entertained for the time being.  Following a very direct approach to the appointed landing pad at the Fountain Palace, the Infiltrator's loading ramp extended amidst the soft hiss of steam actuators.  Moments later, the figure of Cameron Centurion emerged, allowing his silver-green gaze to adjust to the intensity of light on Hapes as he scanned for the individual he had come to visit.

Given the fact that the holonet was still inoperable, there had been no way to send advance notice to the Crown Princess of Hapes.  It was no matter - Kristin Cavataio would have undoubtedly been informed of Cameron's presence in the system over an hour ago.  The Sith Lord had much to discuss with the young Princess.

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Re: Prelude
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Knocks came from the chamber door, before it even opened. Servants and advisers had learned the hard way about just coming into Kristin’s room. There were around the room those that made that mistake now as her furniture and decoration. She had grown into being a mini-Petra without lust for power. That aspect had always been given to her by her mother. Of course there were reasons to do that by Petra and since it was not apparent for Kristin. It did not bother her.
On the bed, Kristin was laying down and messing with her hair. She gave the air a kiss, “Thanks mirror… always looking good in it.” Hung from the ceiling was her identical twin sister that she decided for the day to be her mirror. Then she sat up to acknowledge the knocks from the door. Acting a little put off, she gave sigh and asked “What is it?”
Slightly cracking the door open, a voice came from behind it. “An Imperial is here to see you, Crown Princess.”
“Imperial? All that shit has fallen apart so the Avatars had said… who da cazzo e qui?” Kristin replied back as she gotten off the bed to put on a pale pink satin kimono.
“Umm… Crown Princess… what was that question?” The Hapan had to ask since the last bits that were said came in another language.
Kristin forgot sometimes that not all Hapan knew the cult’s language. Everyone was eagerly learning their deity’s language but that took time and for Kristin it was easy to forget who knew what since she grew up around it. “I said, who is here?”
“Oh…” Clearly the Hapan was remembering those words for late use before answering. “Lord Imperator Centurion.”
The door swung open the moment the Hapan finished saying Cameron’s last name. That shock was met with being knocked to the floor as Kris dashed down the hall. In what could been easily a good four months, she tapped into the focus as her words commanded it to speed her pace up. Running with the force made it fun for her but it was not as quick as her other siblings.
Coming up to the guarded doors that lead out to the landing pad, Kris had the guards stop from opening it so she could play with her hair. It had to be perfect. Once that was achieved in her mind, she told them to open the door but one cleared his throat and added in head gestures towards her. She was going to yell for not obeying. Then it clicked for her. She closed her kimono while giggling.
Finally the doors were opened for her and out she went with a big smile. Joking a bit greeted her guest, “You should’ve called then I could have put on some grandiose show for your arrival. You know like some impy thing with soldiers and horns and what not.” Giggling in her approach.

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Re: Prelude
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A thin smirk touched the Sith Lord's dark features as he casually strode forward towards the entrance to the Fountain Palace.  He had sensed Kristin's rapid approach even before the large, ornately decorated doors swung open to reveal the Crown Princess of Hapes.  Silver-green eyes briefly evaluated the young Cavataio's presence before Cameron shook his head slightly, still smirking.

Stopping just in front of Kristin, the Sith Lord gazed down at her and shrugged his shoulders.  "And give you time to properly dress?"  A single digit from his right hand gently traced over the curves of Kristin's body before the arm was dropped to his side.  "Where exactly is the fun in that?"

Offering the young woman his arm, Cameron motioned them forward.  "I trust you have been well in the aftermath of the galaxy's brief nuclear war?"  Not that it had exactly touched the Hapes Cluster at all.

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