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Ka'Tessa Kovis [WIP]
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Ka’Tessa Kovis

Alias: Tess, Tessa.
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 1.828 m [5’10”]
Weight: 68.49 kg [151 lbs.]
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Blond
Species: Hapan [Near-Human]
Homeworld: Hapes

Personal Possessions:
Stella-Class Frigate
Express-Class Ambassadorial Shuttle
Various armor types
Various weapon types

Born to a family of considerable wealth and prestige and the heir to the elusive Hapan Empire, Tessa’s life was not that of an atypical royal. It was, in fact, more precarious. At every period- even within the womb- her existence was plotted against. That was the way with this matriarchal society. The fact that she had survived past her twelfth year was a blessing to her parents. They had gone to great lengths to ensure her longevity. Each day was lived as if it were her last [literally], security high, rigorous training, hours of study, and grossly showered with gifts. There were days the Hapan thought it would surely kill her instead of a sister or cousin. It was enough to break a person or inspire them to be greater.

Ka’Tessa chose the higher ground, albeit with considerable disappointment from her mother and father. The Princess sought freedom, not only for herself, but for the Hapan people. The Consortium was cloistral, hell-bound on keeping to their corner of the Galaxy. She did not share in their ideals and feared she would become as disillusioned as her family- that it would also be the end of Hapes as she knew it. As both a free spirit and a born leader, the fair haired heir took to missionary work that would take her from one corner of the Galaxy to the other. It was knowledge she wished to bring back; as a woman that had lived past the palace walls, not a girl. It was expansion to the Cluster’s life.

From a very young age, Tessa Kovis was taught that one must make sacrifices for the things they loved most. For her, parting with the only place she had ever known and her parents who had given her the gift of life was that surrender. As reluctant as they were, Karryn and Davos gave to their daughter what security they could in the form of transportation and the pinnacle, one-of-a-kind technology of Artificial Intelligence for her journey.

It was nightfall on Coruscant, 2103 Galactic Standard time.

Little did they know, they had spared her life by letting her go. Not yet seven months into her mission, days before her seventeenth nameday, Ka’Tessa received a distress call from her homeworld. What came next not only was burned into her mind for all eternity, but shattered something in her. All eight screens on the mainframe came to life and the screams of her mother echoed, blood curdling screams. There were others, their bodies lifeless like dolls strewn across the throne room floor as if macabre decor. All crimson and gold in the background as the light in her mother’s eyes died. Karryn smiled though, as crude as it was to do so, and at what a time, into the live feed. It was the last thing she remembered of the Queen, the pride and love twisted into an everlasting, recorded expression.

Another had moved into the recorder’s lens, forcing the face of her mother to fade. The “butcher” was what Tess dubbed her. The two stared, facing off through the means of technology. Not only did she witness the massacre of her entire family, but now she had met the monster responsible. Years of training suddenly flooded her, and her shoulders rolled back as she picked and stored the details. Kovis masked her remorse with a practiced smile and silence. Communications were cut by the HSSIS just in time for the tears to not fall, but fountain from her gray sky eyes.

The real mission had only started, she realized, and it was her conviction that propelled her into motion as she had never been. Life and love was sacred and Ka’Tessa would make it the entirety of her existence to aid those in trouble and eventually live up to the Queen Mother’s legacy. To surpass it as was expected.

Hapes would have peace, but first, they would have chaos.

“Sometimes you must lose everything to learn appreciation and the value of life. Time is on no one's side. It is only ever borrowed.”
-Tess Kovis 2207 GST, age sixteen. Galactic City Spaceport, Coruscant.


Some ten years later...
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