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Pretty Little Witches – Serinn Sarkin
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Arriving on Hapes was a little culture shocking; Serva had spent most of her time on Dathomir dealing war paint, dirt, and more unattractive causes to a person. She did show up on the planet all cleaned up with clean clothes compare to her normal every day attire and appearance. On top of that, the Hapan sun was a pain too. Like her appearance, shadows were she was found. She lived in a mountain, fought and hunted in thick forests, and lived among creatures that cast their own large shadows over the Dathomirians. So her youngest sister wanting to be here was mind boggling.

Never the less, Serva was going to do what her mother wanted. It always came with more work, but there rewards she wanted. She had the media announced if those that believed their Goddess and Queen Mother have blessed them. Then there was a chance to be counted among the Witches and Jai. The offer directed all that wanted to be tested to go to the newly built temple dedicated to Petra. Besides Hapans knowing the place, it meant her sister would stay away. The temple was not her sister’s favorite thing and the family knew it.

Inside the new ancient in design temple, the Priestess was handling the flux of those that were not force sensitive. She knew there would be some that believe they were bless and were not. It was a simple fact. For her, she was glad they just accepted and did put on a show. Of course they would since they did not want the daughter of their deity to report back and their other blessings be taken away.

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Re: Pretty Little Witches – Serinn Sarkin
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Hapes.  'Home again,' the lone casually-dressed woman mused silently as her path meandered through the capital city of the homeworld, idly viewing the wares sold by this shop or that as she passed by.  If her aim had been to window shop, the twenty-eight year old blonde would've eagerly stopped to do so, but Serinn's goal right now was to reach the Temple that had not been here the last time she had set foot in Hapan territory.  Mainly, her intention was to investigate, but she had also heard the announcement made by the news services...which had piqued her interest.  No matter the culture doing the testing, Dathomirian, Sith, Jedi, what have you, gaining knowledge was never a thing to be feared.  At least from her point of view.

Reaching the Temple's main entrance didn't take very long, even at the casual pace she had adopted, though the line of her people waiting to be tested was surprisingly long for a culture with a dislike of Force-users.  Giving a mental shrug as she took a place in line, and proceeded to wait.  Slowly but surely, the entrance grew larger in her vision, until she was finally inside.  Once inside, however, she wasn't sure what to expect.  Another mental shrug was forthcoming, and she figured she'd find out soon enough, falling into the line's pattern of moving a few feet at a time as each person was tested.