Author Topic: A Freelancer's life for me! (Open)  (Read 519 times)

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A Freelancer's life for me! (Open)
« on: 12/27/15 05:24:37 »
Touching down in the hanger bays of Nar Shaddaa was second nature by this point in Karthus' life, looking back at his ship, he smiled a little and left the hanger, moving out into the crowds moving between casino's, bars, and concerts. Stepping out onto the speeder pad, he closed his eyes, drawing in a deep breath, the smells of the Smuggler's Moon bringing some relief to the his tired mind, the light rain helped with this too, as he opened his eyes he watched all the flashing lights and smiled to himself, it was good to be home.

Hailing a cab, he watched the other speeders go by as he was taken to the Promenade's upper level, paying for his ride, he soon turned towards the building and moved through the hall way full of enforcers and customers alike, shaking his head and the small bits of chatter that came to his ears. Karthus found himself pondering on his life as he finally exited into the upper level, leaning on a railing watching the crowds below, moving and squirming as they went from shop to shop, be it restaurant, shopping center, the cantina or any of the other many establishments this particular location had offered. He wasn't sure how long he had spent watching the crowd, before finally travelling down to the floor below, trying to get to the cantina, in the hopes of grabbing a drink, while listening to the nightly band play their routine, it would be a nice change of pace to the constant jobs he had been pulling lately.

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Re: A Freelancer's life for me! (Open)
« Reply #1 on: 12/28/15 18:06:45 »
Lifting her brown skirt up which pushed against the ammo belt she had on, Meteora opened her hip like it was nothing. The hip’s panel was held in her hand as the gears inside were exposed. Switching hands with the panel, she poked around the gears. Then her finger trace over the metal parts. Even pushing on the gears, the pressure was helping her out. Her leg had been feeling stiff since arriving. This was her breaking point.

Then she swung her leg back and forth to test the feel. It felt smoother to her than before. Rubbing the gears with pressure to push them properly in line had helped her; she placed the panel back on her hip and pushed in to lock it in again. She adjusted her belt. Then the holster on her thigh was moved to feel comfortable again. Lastly the straps were tightened to the holster. It was not only weapon on her like the two rifles on her back, one medium but other was very large; however, it was the only gear needing rearrangement on her. Of course there was another blaster in her lower leg since that was clearly a robotic limb.

In the rough parts as she combed through it did not give her problems about being armed to take on a small army. That made life easier and when questioning people, the answers out easier too. However, the movement in the more uppity areas meant a change. So she used her family business safe houses to store her rifles. The blasters were kept with her. She just moved the one in the holster to her leg with its twin. Holster was taken off too. The two blasters made her legs feel a little heavier but her system adjusted for the add-on.

Meteora brushed her green hair off her shoulders to get it behind her. A sign of little control over the wildness of her hair that also matched her lips and dot under her left eye. The green appeared brighter than it really was because her pale white skin. Of course there were odder features to her besides the hair, the metallic legs that went from flesh to metal. Her upper leg appeared normal while her knees and lower legs were metal. Her hands did the same as they started flesh and changed to metal half way down each finger.

Walking up to the keep for a drink, Metty wished she was at her sister place. Then it would have been free drinks for her. Still the drinks were going to be charge to the one that hired her, it might have been family (her great-grandmother), but the drinks were going to flow never the less. Ordering her first drink, she downed more than half of it like there was competition going on. She waved the keep down for another as she went again to finish the glass up.

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Re: A Freelancer's life for me! (Open)
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Nar Shaddaa.  It was the first time that the twenty-eight year old had set foot upon the Smuggler's Moon, and as such, she had no idea what to expect.  So the lone woman proceeded cautiously, though gradually relaxed her guard as much as she thought wise.  Which, honestly, wasn't all that much.  Having enough credits to her name to have made the trip from Corellia, the blonde was wearing a what some might call a spacer's ensemble:  a brown leather jacket over a black tank-top, which was tucked into a pair of tan khakis, and a plain black leather belt.  The pants she wore were decorated with her second-class Corellian Bloodstripes, and a pair of comfortable-looking dark brown calf-length nerf-hide spacer's boots finished the outfit.  Serinn was not outwardly armed, but most people who looked close enough would notice the faint telltale bulge of a concealed shoulder holster on her jacket's left side.

Despite her lack of knowledge prior to the trip to the Mid Rim world, the Hapan-born Corellian - or so she considered herself - was learning, fast.  Considering the wide variety of races that lived on the world, the former agent of the law suspected that much of life on the Hutt-controlled world was partially or heavily influenced by illegal activities.  That, however, was not why she was here - her purpose here was far different.  She just had no idea where to begin, so for now, the lone woman was merely cantina-hopping in search of answers that would lead the sort of person she was seeking.  How long it would take before she even began to piece together a puzzle in the chaos that seemed to define Nar Shaddaa, she did not honestly know.

But that was not keeping her from looking.