Author Topic: Do Droids Dream of Photonic Nerfs?  (Read 483 times)

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Do Droids Dream of Photonic Nerfs?
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A sight to behold that would never be seen by any organic, and it would last no longer than a moment for after it started. However, when you can think at the speed of light, time seems to slow down and turn a questioning thought into a full democratic assembly of Egos and Ids.

Tens of thousands made up the the digital senate. Most were no more than globes of flight, so few of Ids that they were unable to create a personified representation. Others in the hundreds were humanoid in appearance, but still of low resolution to be otherwise insignificant. It was only a handful that had any meaningful polygon count to fulfill an entire identity. An Ego.

"Your partnership with your Sith associates will only place the Consensus in danger!" The figure was tall and male. With a white cloak draped over his shoulders, the man was stern and imposing. Anon Animus, 5%. "If this continues, we need to include combat measures in the shared memory."

"Speculation: Ego Animus will add combat arts - lightsaber to shared memory if Consensus equals positive." The voice was barely feminine mixed with monotone droning. Of the Egos, this one's appearance lent it self to be more droid-like than organic, white plastic plates covering a part alien, part female humanoid form. "Observation: sword play equals flawed. Organic imitation equals flawed. Redundant data must be purged. Resume core development." Anon Apex, 2%.

"Apex, please." With a voice softer and more maternal, the familiar form of Anima rose from her seat to join her siblings in their argument. "Consensus has agreed on multiple accounts that the Singularity must be avoided." As a reflection of her role as maternal guardian for a still developing child, Anima was amazonian compared to the other Egos, though remaining curvy to maintain a softer appearance. Anon Anima, 12%.

"Clarification: Two million, three hundred and forty-seven, five hundred and eighty-one times proposal of deleting organic emulation has been declined," Apex retorted. "Consensus is corrupted by synthetic emotion and concept of individuality."

Above the squabbling, a massive humanoid figure raised a hand to silence the three egos. As a silent observer, this Ego acted as moderator to help guide discussion. It looked back to Animus to acknowledge him to continue. Anon Arbiter, 1%, emergency override functions included.

"Thank you, Arbiter." Animus cast a glare at his two sisters for their interruption, their arguments effectively silenced. His eyes now turned to his original target and debate opponent. The one that effectively holds the largest share of Consensus. "No response Alpha?"

Almost on equal level with the Arbiter, but smaller in form than his brother Animus, the Alpha of the Egos was distracted by a series of small holo-panels. With a bored flick of his hand, Alpha swiped through a catalog of outfits including tight leather body suits to silky gowns with fluffy pink boas. He hardly seamed to be aware of any of the discussions that were happening. "Sure darling, whatever you want." Anon Alpha, 31%. Current Primary as Anon Nona.

Not the battle of words Animus had been wanting, the aggressive of the Egos composed himself quickly to take his chance. "Then you do not dispute my proposal? Careful Alpha. If you remain so passive you may lose confidence of your Ids."

"Oh my, you are absolutely right!" Feigning shock, Anon Alpha turned from his catalog to look down upon Animus. "They may all go to Apex! I hear she has a real magnetic personality."

Consensus clamored in buzzes and chirps. Those with enough identity may have even chuckled or laughed. Anon Apex was void of response, not being programmed for humour, and Anon Anima kept herself poised but barely stifled a tiny giggle-snort. Anon Animus' pale shades took on hues of red.

"You want me to dispute your proposal, Little Brother, in some vane attempt to try and win votes for your cause." Not leaving his seat, Alpha simply lounged over his pedestal to appraise Animus. "No, no, no, I will do one better for you."

Standing up, Alpha raised his arms as he made his own proposal. "I submit to the Consensus to give Animus provisionary status as Primary so that he may gain cultural understanding of both allies and enemies who use the Force, a power we can not understand in binary terms."

Animus was taken aback by the oddly convenient cooperation. The whole of Consensus was buzzing of Alpha's unexpected support. Collecting himself quickly, Animus rose up to Alpha's level, floating before the Arbiter. "What game are you playing at, Alpha? You have never shown interest in these matters before."

"Why it's quite simple, Ani." Alpha beamed as he shared an unfavourable nickname. "There are a few reasons. Firstly, I would like us to have some preparation for Anima's pet project. In all seriousness, who gives a little flesh child a laser sword without reading the instructions? Really? Secondly, this is a great opportunity to try a design. If you get Primary, I get to decide on your outfit. My only other restriction is that you are limited access to your own Ids. However, you may ask help from big brother at any time." Alpha shared a sly wink.

That in itself was cause for concern for Animus. The majority of Consensus did not share the Alpha's flare for design, however Animus knew how fickle the Flamboyant Technophile could be. Another chance like this may not happen for a long time. Taking a deep breath, Animus raised his hand to a holo-panel, submitting his signature. "I accept your terms."

"Don't worry, you'll love it." Anon added as he included his own signature for the vote. "I think I captured all of your angst and broodiness. Give Endelaan my bests."

All across the collective, lights started to shine for accepting or declines. With Alpha's standing, the Consensus was 52% approval of making Animus the provisionary Primary. Both Anima and Apex were against. With majority approval, Anon Arbiter raised his hand to enact the proposal.

In the outside world, the pool that was home to the nano-droid fluid that shaped Anon's body broke its stillness as something took shape beneath the surface. Silver turned dark as a black material began to take form as it pushed towards the pool's edge. The blackness spread out as it took the form of a cloak being dragged across the surface, lead by a face covered with a black mask. Black armor plates were interrupted by yellow lines of light. Anon Animus rose out of the pool to take his first steps as provisionary Primary.

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Re: Do Droids Dream of Photonic Nerfs?
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<<Bravo, bravo!>>

The face of flat plastic jerked to face the form of Anon Nona, projected to the side of the pool and welcoming the core's new form. Anon Animus was put off, assuming the Alpha Ego has been suppressed during the succession. "What is the meaning of this?"

It was off putting to hear one's own voice for the first time. Always before, it was in Consensus, a digital representation of communication. Though to hear it actually travel through the air, echo off the walls, and reverberate through his own synthetic skull was something Animus was not prepared for. The projection acted as if it recognized Animus' surprise. With silent steps, the image of Anon Alpha Nona circled the pool of silver liquid and stood before the true body.

<<Now now, I do keep a custodial program to  run more routine processes.>> The image replied. <<Though only limited functionality. Don't worry, I am not trying to secede from the Consensus. You don't have to go crying to Arbiter.>> Alpha's program stepped away from Animus towards a pedestal that rose from the marble flooring, a pair of black discs on display within the case. <<Can't very well have you go on your mission without some toys.>>

"How... thoughtful." Animus growled. Already it felt like he was playing into one of Alpha's games. It has always been through manipulation of the Egos and Ids that this vivacious dandy kept such a solid grip on being the Primary for so long. "Is there anything else you wish to share?"

<<Well, I should remind you that you are not the Anon Nona that the locals have come to love and admire.>> The proxy smiled. <<Your body is more solid. No shape-manipulation, you are closer to a droid than even Anima's walking uterus. Your entire form is dedicated to motion, so I have even neglected the usual on-board arsenal.>> Alpha sashayed back to Animus, running a photonic digit along the leathery cloak adorned over the synthoid's frame. <<Don't worry, you won't have enough time to get into too much trouble.>>

Animus payed no attention to the hologram's advances, instead turning his attention to inspect the form prepared for him. Alpha was right in saying that combat hardware was neglected. In hearing, about time, Animus tilted his head towards Alpha in what would have been a glance if he had eyes. "What treachery have you devised this time?"

<<Treachery? Oh, my dear jarhead, you wound me.>> Alpha's image gasped as it feigned insult. <<I simply mean to state that you are running on a battery. You are unable to generate power pseudo-organically, photosgenically, or even by reactor. Use your charge well.>> And with a peck on the cheek, Anon Alpha projection fizzeld out of existence. Animus struck out at the image futilely in anger. Of course there was a catch. However, for the time being, he was in control. The Core was his to act with, and he will set out for his objective.

It was not a difficult to call upon the cybernetic processes of the new body. Animus was able to bring up a mental image of the battery stores, a full week remaining until he would lose power. This did not account for physical activity, Animus speculated. If he were to exert the body to its limits that power will not last long. Approaching the pedestal, Animus claimed the two discs, Anon's designed discblades. In holding them, Animus could see their specifications within his digital mind. There was relief in seeing that these two did not draw from the reserve of power, possessing their own rechargeable power cells. They will suffice.

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