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 Walking through the hall from the hanger, Petra had not placed a foot down on the shipyard in years. She always had other like her bond wife, Anna, do the visits since it was more up her alley. This time the witch was returning from her temple and decided to place the yard that was orbiting the moon, Koratas in active status again. There was a special little project she wanted get moving. A little something, something for the witches and protecting the world.

One of the members of the lead team on the shipyard came running up. “Goddess, it’s a surprise to see you, but still an honor. What can we do for you today?”

“I want to see how far my project is and see if I need to whip it into shape.” Petra simply stated to the man. She really wanted to see if they gotten pass looking at ship specs.

He thought about it for a moment. Then he had an idea. “Please Goddess, follow me.” He led her down the hall to a large conference room. Being polite he pulled a chair out for Petra and asked if she could wait while he got the team. After five or so minutes, five men walked into the conference room. They all greeted Petra properly and the man she met in the hallway began to speak right as holo projector displayed a ship. “We went through the ships we could with in the cult… the Cosa’s ships, Pelaeon ships, and Hapes ship designs. Each had their own pluses and minuses; however, we thought this…” He pointed at the hologram of a Nova-class cruiser. “We choose this one because of the design is sleek and simple for us to understand in shorter time. We also believed this shape could be adjusted to reflect something Dathomirian… A way to linking and mold both into one to show unity in the cult.”

The hologram displayed another ship next to the Nova-class. “This is the Dathomirian-Class Star Destroyer… we lift the wings and flatten in a sense to reflect the Dathomirian symbol for weapon when written about duels. We sort of fell into that one after the fact, but we are happy for the link.”

Then he tapped a datapad, and in the displays parts of them lit up. It was the same amount on each ship. Also appeared to be the weapons on the ships being indicted. “We kept the number of weapons the same and even have the systems supporting them the same too. Even though the new ship is five hundred meters longer, it was done to allow us to place more power generators in the ship for two more shielding matrices.” The man paused for a moment, then asked, “Is this all to your liking, Goddess?”

Petra sat thinking over the information she got from the team. It had promise to what she was looking for. Also she could see things it could be used that was not thought up when first started the project. She did not rush her decision. Looking it all over, the numbers came out to what she could like. “I want ten made from this yard.” Then she rose to her feet and left the room.
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