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Re: The Unseen Path: Episode One (CVD)
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The two were listening but they were picturing some Cavataio children that were born and erase from existence for their failures which no Dathomirian Cavataio knew about. Even with the insult towards a set of siblings, Precious knew they were that way for a failure that happen to one. Evilina added thoughts what Petra did to Ancilla, a daughter from a mistake that is believes she is just owned property of Petra and not the daughter of Petra. Both knew that their newest siblings were created because Petra was tired of having children herself and used another with the guise of love. They had never seen their mother love anyone since they saw her just kill them once she got bored playing them. For Precious, it made her think about how times they were killed and reborn until they were how they were presently.

 Their thoughts snapped back to the moment when they heard Petra dismiss them. Quickly getting up, they bowed and added at the exact same time. “Anything and everything for Goddess Petra.” Then Evilina headed out first since she was closest to the door to the temple from where they started their day at. Precious was behind her sister until they entered the temple and doors were closed. They walked side by side through the temple to the stairs leading down to the city that circled the temple. Nothing was said between the two; however, they were thinking the same. The thought that their mother was losing it after so many years alive was the primary one, and secondary one was how to deal with the woman before more Cavataio were killed.

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Re: The Unseen Path: Episode One (CVD)
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After her children left and it was just her in the room, Petra got up from her chair. Walking over to the desk, she picked up datapad. Power button was press and glow from the device began. On the screen, it was an image of a pureblood Sith among Jedi. There was a note under it that stated the male claimed to be a Cavataio. Petra knew what her Jedi pet sent.
There was a time Petra had red skin and facial tendrils and even her son, Nox had those features. However, the two went through almost hundred operations to remove the species features from them. The man in the photo was result of Petra and Nox being together in Petra’s attempt of making a pure Cavataio. His name was Rom’anri and he was one of two children Petra had with Nox. This was the true reason behind her motives. Rom’anri and Nox’s blood in a ritual could cut the ties of all Cavataio from Petra. It was set in place at the moment, her death meant death to all Cavataio who did not have Ra’Ran-gu’s blood.
A message was created with the image attached. It only said to meet her at the Dathomirian space station in one day. That was all she needed to say to Nox. She knew he would know what she wanted to do. Kill the Cavataio who another Cavataio she killed declared was died by their hand before their last breathe.