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Quera Lox
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Character Name: Quera Lox
Alias: "Executive Platinum"
Age: 30
Species: Epicanthix
Homeworld: Tatooine

Faction Affiliation: N/A
Faction Rank: N/A
Occupation: Prostitute
OOC Rank: Apprentice
Force Alignment: Neutral


While for over a decade Quera has been one of Lady deWinter's highest quality harlots, she has grown somewhat tired of her life as a whore. She hides it very well, but from the tales she's been told by clients of all species and genders, she desires to be more of a person than someone else's slut. As well, she also wishes she had someone who loved her at more than simply face value. That will come in time, though.


Born on the planet Tatooine, from day one, Quera had been groomed to be nothing more than a whore. She had been specially treated as to be exceptionally sexually mature, a prize whore when she grew to adulthood. For Quera, she had a choice - love or hate the work she did. Not wanting to be consistently depressed, she chose the former option, always keeping a positive outlook on her place in life.

But there had to be more to it, wasn't there? Smugglers told her of the adventure they experienced dodging Imperial and Republic ships. Saboteurs talked about how to detonate explosives. The richer customers toldher of how they had acquired wealth, power... things she could only dream about. And she would have them one day...

But not now. For now, she must trundle through her existence, doing whatever her master tells her to do. And participating in her experiments, if it comes to that...

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Re: Quera Lox
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Added to the index.

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