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Maybe Williams
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Name: Maybe Williams
Alias: None
Species: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Skinny frame, thin arms, pale skin, long brunette hair, hazel eyes.
Force Powers: None.
Faction: None.
Occupation: Professional 'Anything'. Meaning that she takes any job she can find, usually lying that she's experienced in it. She adapts to whatever she needs to do, and usually discovers it's much harder than she first assumed...
Personality: Fiery, over confident, and with a tendancy to lie, Maybe tends to throw herself in to situations, confident that she can handle them, and then try to deal with the inevitable problems afterwards. Not exceptionally clever or talented in any area, she often covers up what she lacks in skill with enthusiasm and raw arrogance. Reasonably vain and keen to dress up, often over-dressing to look like a holomovie version of whatever job role she's claiming she can do, she's fond of heavy make-up, leather jackets and high boots. Never very practical, but part of her over-all 'look'.
History: Born in to the mildly succesful Williams family on Coruscant, her parents were both succesful bankers, and she was part of a reasonably respected and wealthy family growing up. The awkward middle child, she watched as her older sister won award after award at school, and went on to the Coruscant University of Economics, while her younger brother showed great promise and was ear marked a place at the Imperial Academy. Maybe meanwhile.... was not quite so succesful.
Struggling at school, flunking almost literally all of her exams and classes, she seemed to fail every test she was ever given. Constant ungradable results or Fs led to increasing pressure from her parents to succeed like her brother and sister, something that never happened. Maybe spent most of her time skipping classes, hanging out at malls and chasing boys, given that she was failing entirely in school. She attended the odd class (although never gym, she hated gym) but continued to fail, until at the age of fifteen, she quit altogether. Unable to find work, and a total failure in her family's eyes, especially such a respectable one, they issued her with an ultimatum. Either she find work, go back to school, or she got out of their house.

She lived on the streets of Coruscant for a short time, before she eventually grew so desperate for credits, she started taking any job she could, no matter what it was, always claiming she could do it. Sometimes it paid off, and sometimes it didn't, and quite often she ended up on the run for botching one task or another. But that never stopped her. Bounties to be claimed, bodyguards needed, dancers wanted, cooks required... whatever it was, she took it, bouncing between planets and apartments, always taking whatever work she could find, always being whatever she needed to be, although her total lack of ability often made things a lot worse for her...
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