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Ronnie Blackmore
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Character Name:
Ronnie Blackmore
Just Ronnie

Faction Affiliation:
None, officially. He's taking orders from a Sith ghost at the moment, but I'd like to see him end up fighting for the Republic, however many twists and turns lie in the road to it.

Faction Rank:
hey, how are ya?
Mechanic, occasional courier, and academic
*OOC Rank (Trainee/Apprentice, Adept/Knight, Elite/Master):
Force Alignment:
Force Powers: Basic Telekinesis, Enhance Ability, Force Sense

Ronnie's a lightsider through-and-through, but he lacks the self-awareness and ideological training to resist the temptation of the dark side. He has a strong sense of duty and benevolence, but he's also passionate, and won't consider the consequences of what might seem to him a simple act of kindness. This is where his mentor hopes to strike the final blow and turn him fully to the Dark Side, but he's patient, and is content for now to offer glimpses of Sith Power in Ronnie's more vulnerable moments.

Hooooo boy, this one goes on for a bit, but it should give a pretty good idea of who this chap is.

Ronnie has a family (no, none have been tragically killed) with an often struggling vehicle repair shop on Corellia. By the end of childhood, he started learning the trade, but the garage was usually far from full and he was always more useful to his family running packages. That started when Ronnie was about eight, making small deliveries from the grocer and other neighborhood businesses for pocket change. By adolescence, he was taking packages off-world throughout the system and – soon after – around the sector. He developed a reputation for being discreet and reliable, and not motivated by greed, as whatever money he could spare was sent back to his family. On most jobs, he'd find a ship to his destination and sign on as a mechanic for cheap or free.

An old nobleman from Coronet City offered Ronnie a job when he was fifteen, to take one tiny crystal to Orvax IV, halfway across the galaxy. He offered several thousand credits upon receipt and Ronnie could hardly refuse. At moments throughout the journey, Ronnie heard whispers coming from the crystal. Sometimes, when he was alone in the dark, it would seem to burn with a mesmerizing inner light. The more he focused on it, the brighter it glowed. On Orvax IV, he found that the intended recipient had been killed in a slave riot. His employer could not be contacted.

While seeking return passage to the core worlds, Ronnie found himself appalled by the conditions and the very institution of slavery on Orvax IV, which the planet had made its primary industry since the days of the Old Republic. But every time he felt a pang of sympathy for the slaves, it was followed by a vague, sort of pulling-away emotion like a distant cousin of shame. On the journey home, the the crystal would not glow for him, but he'd still hear it whisper indistinctly, or at least think he did until he turned it over in his hand or hold it up to an ear.

His employer had disappeared completely and nobody in Coronet or elsewhere could even say they knew of him. Ronnie kept the crystal in case the strange old man returned for it, and because it fascinated him. Business picked up at the garage and Ronnie found himself more energized and filled with a greater sense of purpose, despite lacking a clear direction. He became a better mechanic and spent time studying or picking through scrapyards for old machines to re-purpose. With the business recovering, there was even enough money for him to attend the university. After two years there, he found himself restless and not really given to academics, but there was romance in those years, and a better understanding of the galaxy around him.

Ronnie made a decision at that point, that somehow he knew his destiny was tied to that crystal, which he always kept on him, and which still whispered in his dreams. He knew that he wouldn't be able to ever move forward unless he once again saw it glow. He found a secluded place in the mountains and sat there under the starlit sky. The crystal rested on a stone in front of him and he focused on it, but with effort, like flexing a muscle that he never knew was part of him. It took hours with no real evidence that he was doing anything other than staring at a chink of glass, but in his heart, he knew it to be the right course toward realizing his destiny.

When Ronnie had exerted himself almost to the point of collapse, vision blurring, sweat running from his brow, the crystal not only glowed, but burst with light and color, as if he'd forced it open with the might of his will. There were rays and swirls of green and blue, threaded ever-subtly with crimson, so faint it was barely within his ability to notice. It was a sight so beautiful that it moved him to tears. Once the light died out, Ronnie was shocked to find a face staring at him from the shadows. He scrambled for his knife, but it was a ghostly presence, as if made of smoke. It spoke to him in a language he didn't know, but understood instinctively, and told him that he had the potential to learn the ways of the Force.

Three years have passed since that night. Ronnie has trained in the basic techniques of the Force and alternates between working at the garage and attending university, from which he's received a degree in galactic history. His mentor speaks to him inside his mind, and has taught him how to construct a lightsaber, using the tiny holocron as its crystal. He keeps the weapon he's built hidden on him at all times, and spends several hours every day practicing the martial arts against foes made from his mentor's illusory projections. He's yet to cross blades with a live opponent, and has no idea that he's apprenticed to a Sith Lord, but he knows that the next step to fulfilling his destiny fast approaches.

On Darth Amarantos: Ronnie does not, in fact carry a holocron, but a crystal possessed by the Force ghost of Darth Amarantos, a Sith sorcerer and alchemist who ruled the Savareen and Dalchon sectors for 67 years of the Republic Dark Age. In that period, most of the galaxy was divided between numerous states under Sith and Jedi Lords. His capital was on Orvax IV and he sacrificed hundreds of thousands of slaves in a quest for immortality. His real opposition came from the Brotherhood of Darkness, which sought to unify the fractured Sith and desperately needed his resources, but he refused to join. When the Brotherhood besieged his territory and broke through to his Orvaxian palace, he was gone, but they found in his throne-room a pile of robes and his lightsaber, which has passed through many hands in the centuries since.

He was not entirely successful in finding true corporeal immortality, but did discover several methods for becoming a bodiless apparition. He haunts the crystal of his old lightsaber, and is capable of convincing even other masters of the Force that it is a holocron and he its gatekeeper. His ultimate goal, like any pious Sith, is total domination, with particular regard to the worlds which he ruled in life. He needs a living host, however, in order to do anything other than create illusions, communicate telepathically, and use Sense-based Force powers. His host needs to be highly trained in the Force, completely turned to the Dark Side, and resilient enough for frequent massive Force use. Any other is unlikely to even survive his inhabitation, and he would probably die as well, permanently.

His persona as a gatekeeper is usually that of a "grey Jedi," some independent Force user who wanted nothing more than to pass down his knowledge and needed no recognition for it. The less curious his student is about his past, the safer he feels.
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