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Cameron was flanked by two members of the Imperial Royal Guard as he casually traversed the corridors of the new primary generator control facility on Taris.  The current facility administrator was droning on and on about a whole lot that didn't really concern the Sith Lord.  In truth, he was here merely to inspect the program and personnel there for general competence.  Quality control of something as relatively miniscule as a planetary shield was left to others - such as the Governor of Taris.  Raising a hand to stop the endless techno-babble, Cameron turned to Governor Latza.  "Governor."

The Governor was quick to step forward and away from his Sector Moff that was standing beside him.  "Yes, Your Majesty?"

"In your frank assessment, has this program performed during its trial phase at a level that suggests continued funding and operation?"

The Governor had come prepared with all manner of statistics and 'key' information he thought the Emperor might like, but he'd been quickly dissuaded by the Executor via the Moff from offering forth mountains of information that Lord Centurion apparently did not care for.  "Yes, Your Majesty.  Absolutely."

Cameron nodded to the man before glancing to the Sector Moff for his concurrence.  When the Sector Moff nodded, Cameron turned to the Administrator.  "Very well.  Administrator, please be sure you keep Governor Latza roped into everything happening.  He will get any of your requests up the chain of command to the Sector Moff.  Only Moff Coleman will have the first level of authority to approve or disapprove additional funding."  Turning to the his rather attractive Executor, Cameron motioned for her to make a note.  In truth - matters such as these were left almost exclusively to her discretion.  Cameron tended only to have direct supervision in the affairs of the Sith amongst the Empire.  "Now, if there is nothing else, I need to be on Muunilinst in four days, so I will have to bid you all adieu."  On cue, the Royal Guards moved to block the Lord Imperator's path as he and his entourage made their exit.

As they retreated, Cameron spoke briefly to Moff Coleman.  "Andrew, you've done well with this.  Let's just make sure we have all the necessary redundancy subroutines programmed into each of the generators.  I understand we're operating off two mains and three backups, but I don't want the whole damn network coming down because of something stupid like a terminal virus."

"Already considered and implemented, Your Majesty."

Cameron gave one final nod of approval as they exited the facility onto the landing pad.  There was nothing more to be said on the matter.

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