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Qombax Takkub
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Avatar: Shi'ido
Character Name: Qombax Takkub
Alias: Q
Age: 190
Species: Shi'Ido
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Lao-mon

Faction Affiliation: Empire
Faction Rank:
Occupation: Intelligence
*OOC Rank: Trainee
Force Alignment: Darkside


Qombax is sly and calculating. He likes to hide in the shadows or manipulate others from behind the scenes. Sociopathic and merciless would be appropriate terminology to describe his attitude towards others.


Born to a wealthy family of aristocrats, Qombax grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. His family was overly kind and well known on Lao-mon but there was no saving Q. At a young age he began experimenting with his force powers and immediately saw opportunity. Where his family had used it for good and righteousness, young Qombax saw an opportunity to seize power.

Slowly Qombax exterminated his peers in the family tree. With nobody to split the inheritance, his families wealth would surely be his. Nearly 100 years passed without anybody suspecting his involvement in the murders. For years Q worked for his family, as head of public relations he used his powers to coerce and bend the wills of others to his needs.

However, when an off-world Jedi landed on Lao-mon, Qombax parents paid for an investigation. Though the case had long been shut, the family had never received the closure it sought. The longevity of the Shi'ido had given them opportunity to survive long enough to get a third opinion.

Despite his best efforts and guises, the Jedi saw through his ruse. The Shi'ido government charged Q with several counts of man-slaughter and his family exiled him. Qombax ended up working the mines on Taris as punishment for 50 years. After his release he appealed to the local governing body, The Galactic Empire, for opportunity to advance.

The rest as they say, is in the making.....

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