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Cultum Viventium Dea Information
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Cultum Viventuim Dea is a religious zealot group under the will of their living deity, Petra Cavataio. The cult is ruled through brainwashing and mind control, often including the complete removal of thought and will of those that refuse to convert. Even who willing to convert gets a lighter brainwashing, it is standard practice. All of this is done to ensure enough members to worship and take over the galaxy to please their deity. They assimilate everything in their path and endeavor to make adjustment to the cult easier. It changes a few things to keep reminders of their deity.

There are three branches within the cult. Each has their purpose and reason to benefit the cult. The Witches of Dathomir are set up to help train force users. Taking the idea of Allyan Magic uses spirit (force) realm and twin energies of Winged Goddess and Fanged God, it has been spun those ideas to the twin energies now one as the embodiment of Petra and their magic is her willing it to exist. The clans were done with as Clan Mothers were made into Priestesses to guide witches and jai warriors in the new path. Those that have rejected the conversion have been taken and drained of the force by Petra and turned into slaves that never remember who they were before.

Another branch is the business side to make a well of money to expand the cult’s influences. Cosa Nostra is the parent company of all the business under the cult’s control. They are mainly a criminal organization that has a long list of activities that existed when the cult was smaller. Now as the group grows, Cosa Nostra has bought up other businesses as subsidiaries. The aim to strength the cult and hold their ground against governments and factions that seek to destroy them.

Final branch of the cult is the government. While it has no control over properties and planets dedicated to other two sections, the government is still important part. Following the Hapes Consortium core setup in regards to the government, they rule over planets and moons that need structure that represent mass grow. Theodemocracy was shaped as low levels of the government handled with elections and care of the people while the higher levels existed to carry out the deity’s overall commands placed on the worlds.

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