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All the threads that have had their last reply until October 2012 have been moved to the uncompleted RP archive forum. If you  believe  any of the threads were moved by mistake or you would like to retrieve  them in order to resume the RP, please reply to this thread or contact  one of the owners/admins.

Please note, we have skipped archiving last month. The backlog is now 6 months instead of 5

  • Where you wanna be depends on where you wanna go [Asha, open]
  • Bastion is on Fire?! [OPEN]
  • 'Freindly Welcomings' (Bala& Asha)
  • Dusting Off That Old Uniform [Avadreia]
  • A Revenant Reborn (Cameron, Immortus)
  • Shadow Designs
  • Descendant's Dawn: Discoveries (Crystal)
  • What're we smashing? [Kiskla]
  • Friend or Foe? You decide. (open/read ooc)
  • Learning curve [Methias]
  • Enjoy the Silence (Shery, Avadreia, Bren)
  • Ladies chat | Avadreia Lacroix
  • Earn Your Wings (Carth, Open)
  • Dantooine Bondage -Rianna Organa-
  • Time Out, What? (Invite)
  • The Next [Amarant]
  • I'm a Sith ... it's, well, what I do ... (Open)
  • Sit down Mahalla, I have something to tell you ~Methias Fiore~
  • The Heart of Sala'Dur Burns.... (open to everyone)
  • Oppa Gangnam Style! [Serrena/Morgaine]
  • The Awakening (Open)
  • "Top Gun" (TA and Open)
  • Welcome to the Fold (Jarr, TA/Intel)
  • Closer ( Raz )

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