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Star Wars: Republic
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Role Play in an always moving always changing galaxy, where your characters grow up, old and one day pass the baton to the next generation. Create a legacy. Become a hero. Become the villain that goes down in history as the most fearsome of all. Work the Senate for maximum political leverage and change the game both in character and out of character with your Senator's actions. Star Wars: Republic is a Role Play that is unique among a galaxy of choices. It's uniqueness comes from one truth, it never stays the same. If you are looking for a nice safe place in which to shelter your character and protect them from real danger then this is not the place for you, but if you want to cheat death, change the galaxy and be written into the annuls of board official history...then this is the place for you!

Star Wars: Republic is founded on two core out of character principles. The first such principle is a desire to have openness and transparency. By this we mean that all rules, and game mechanics are up for discussion in open threads. The desire is to keep everyone in the loop by allowing everyone to read what is being proposed or discussed. As a result our Staff forum has only three threads in it and most of that is simply posting things as a reminder such as board coding! The second principle is that of reward coming based on your willingness to take on risk. This is exemplified in our Flashpoint system which can great amazing advantages, plot control, character abilities, promotions, entrance into the boards official canon and even canon items! You may think that sounds awesome, and it is but as the principle states there is risk. Your character that enters the Flashpoint (non-mandatory) also has the chance of dying!

We are flexible on most out of character rules at Star Wars: Republic but hold one rule to be unbreakable and unwavering, 'Don't be a d***'. So long as you are not a d*** about things you can usually get away with suggesting, talking and/or debating anything. It is the well held belief on Star Wars: Republic that if we treat you like a responsible individual you should act like one. Self-policing is far easier and more pleasant than autocratic rule by banhammer!

With our unique character creation system you can make just about any type of character that you can imagine! Jedi do not have to be council lapdogs, Dark Jedi are competing to become the Sith, Republic Citizens can be anything from a galactic police officer to a Senator to a businessbeing and more! This is all without mentioning your right to make a non-citizen Scoundrel character. Assassin? Mercenary? Bounty Hunter? Pirate? Hacker? Musician? The choice is yours and the POWER IS YOURS. (Thank you Captain Planet.)

The Sith have been destroyed! Just as Darth Sidious and Maul prepared to reveal themselves to the galaxy an enigmatic Senator stepped up to the plate. Armed with an unwavering belief in non-Froce users ruling and defending themselves, he commanded the Republic Intelligence Division and the Coruscant Security Force to make an incisive orbital attack on a seemingly unimportant location within Coruscant's Industrial District. This one event has set off an unprecedented alternate line of history. Now the Jedi are waning, wounded by an attack that many think was allowed by the aforementioned Senator, now Chancellor. The Dark Jedi clamber to gain the secrets of the Sith and gain the power for which they lust. Scoundrels and Citizens alike struggle with the moral dilemmas that face them, or simply work the new system to make a quick buck.

Click join. It is your destiny.