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Folder R1-138-RB, Operational Reports
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TOP SECRETSecurity Clearance: Class I
Operation 005
Executive Agent: R1 - Sieglinde
Location: Coruscant; Coruscant SystemOperative Timeframe: Ten standard hoursResource Summary: Personal space transport, other equipment acquired on-site at private Potestatem expenseHuman Resources: Executive agent
Mission Statement: Intelligence and reconnaissance. Agent Sieglinde (R1) dispatched to ascertain potential threats from Imperial Intelligence (II) and Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) in regards to non-Imperial Sith holdings.
Objective Modified In-Field: Counter-intelligence. Destruction of Imperial Intelligence (II) and Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) branch facilities deemed necessary for safety of Potestatem. Modifying agent: Sieglinde, authority R1.
Report: Arrived at Coruscant without incident. Integrated personal space transport into increased air-to-land traffic during midday "lunch rush." Registered transport with docking authorities under cover of "business meeting" with planetary native contacts. Native contacts met for lunch to add plausibility to story, then departed from group under inconspicuous circumstances. Equipment, prepared by native contacts, retrieved from concealed drop point. Approached and infiltrated II branch office with minimal enemy casualties. Accessed internal activity logs and discovered multiple reports of Potestatem activity, some classified. Uploaded delayed-action virus to delete reports and contaminate remote access attempts.
Self-modified mission parameters: destruction of facility and personnel deemed necessary for ultimate safety of Potestatem. Placed triggered explosives at oxygen pumps, central generator, and building exits. Planted local gang symbol and associated plausible vulgarities on inconspicuous an unrigged room (to be revealed with resultant explosion).
Proceeded to infiltrate ISB branch office with minimal enemy casualties. Information priority II activities regarding Potestatem activity. Accessed internal activity logs and discovered multiple reports regarding II activities related to Potestatem. Uploaded identical delayed-action virus set to initiate simultaneously with previous iteration. In keeping with mission parameters, placed triggered explosives near foundation and roof of building and exits. Planted local gang symbol on unlikely wall with appropriate vulgarities. Fell back to remote location.
Recruited local gang members to run away from both buildings within visibility of guards at given time. Triggered explosives. Extraction.

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Folder R1-138-RB, Operational Reports
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Not to be taken as IC Canon in any kind of a way;

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Folder R1-138-RB, Operational Reports
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Coruscant is already a barren wasteland... So your HNN post kind of doesn't make sense without context as to when this all supposedly took place. And TSP didn't exist when there last was any type of Imperial presence there anyways.

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