Author Topic: Looking for a thread to join? Current active group threads for TSP!  (Read 730 times)

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We all hit that wall sometimes, when we're bored and we wanna join a thread but... Meh. In the hopes of helping TSP members find threads to join that will also help them undo the 'meh' and help the faction, below is a list of threads for the faction's members.

If you guys started something up, feel free to reply to this thread with a little summary of intent so I can add it


Night of Kodesh -
A short and sweet thread to introduce the TSP members to some Endelaanian culture. And tonight: Halloween, also known as the Night of Kodesh, which marks the beginning of the new year. Ghosts, food, and bonfires!

Frost - Open thread on Endelaan.

Passion - Expanding on the lore, we visit Clan Moab and learn about one of their religious temples, the Hall of Diana.

Just a shithole on Corellia - a bar meeting by random people from all the factions.

Bow before a war, call it Religion - TSP's takeover of Kali. The OOC thread with the plans and everything can be found here.
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