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Figaro Favoura
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Figaro Favoura

Bright Jewel Sector
Favouran System

Suns: 1
Moons: 7
Rotation period: 26 galactic standard hours
Orbital period: 403 galactic standard days

Atmosphere: Hydrogen/Helium
Climate: Volatile
Primary Terrain: Gas Giant

Figaro Favoura VII

7th moon of Figaro Favoura

Rotation period: 31 galactic standard hours
Orbital period: 284 galactic standard days
Atmosphere: 40% Oxygen, 50% Nitrogen, 10% various gasses
Climate: Temperate
Primary Terrain: Grasslands and Forests
Surface Water: 42% of planetary surface
Points of Interest: The Schwartzweld (Large tract of land the size of roughly 5 combine major galactic cities inhabited by House Van-Derveld)

Native Species: Lupine
Immigrated Species: Human
Primary Language(s): Galactic Basic
Government: Feudal
Population: 12,760
Major Cities: 3 (Dress'la, Volfstadt (Capitol), Malatyr)

Each city whether major or minor has it's own varying defense, from full on surface-to-air missile batteries to nothing more than spears. Volfstadt by far has the best defenses, with large anti-air batteries and a full standing defensive militia.

Discovered purely by chance. Figaro Favoura was more of a backwater planet, it's moons more so. Once the system became known to the galaxy at large, humans began to populate the 6th moon, not realizing it's native Lupine population until cities were well established. House Van Derveld seemingly took control of the human settlements with ease, and for over 300 years have been considered the feudal lords of the moon, and thus the system as no other moons nor the planet itself were inhabitable. Those who have taken exception to that have met with very untimely demises.

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