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Drakkari Planet Info
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Planet Template

-Typical Drakkari Architecture (see below)-

Planet Name:  Drakkari

Region:  Unknown Regions
Sector:  5F
System:  Drakkar System
Sun:  Drak
Moons:  6
Rotation period:  28 hours
Orbital period:  366 days

Atmosphere:  Breathable - Type I
Climate:  Cool
Primary Terrain:  Caverns, Mountains, Plateaus, Cliffs, Crystal Formations
Surface Water:  60%
Points of Interest:  Mountains of Radiance, Crystal Cliffs, Jagged Palace, Valley of Illumination

Native Species:  Drakkari
Immigrated Species:  N/A
Primary Languages:  Drakkari
Government:  Meritocracy - Defunct
Population:  8 million - Currently Uninhabited - 2 million survivors (scattered throughout universe)
Major Cities:  Sanctuary, and smaller cities spread across the planet
Major Imports:  Foodstuffs, Raw Materials, Technology - Discontinued
Major Exports:  Crystals, Gemstones, Technology - Discontinued

Planetary Defenses - N/A

Drakkari was a peaceful world for countless thousands of years, home to a people content to keep to themselves and their own devices . . . until the extra-galactic invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong began their war against the rest of the known galaxy.  Laying waste to the blue-white world before moving on, the sudden attack turned the once-pristine world into a shattered shell, a shadow of its former self.  With their homes destroyed, their holy sites desecrated, and their world turned into a travesty of balance in their eyes, the Drakkari took their remaining ships and people . . . and left it behind them, vowing to return some day . . . when the horrors that had been perpetrated by the Yuuzhan Vong, were no longer so fresh in their collective consciousness - their ultimate intention being to return and rebuild.  That day has not yet arrived, however, and so they remain a scattered people, connected only by a common purpose - to survive and mete out justice to others who would incite chaos wherever they went . . . justice that had been of little use against the sheer fanaticism of the extra-galactic conquerers.
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