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Drakkari Race Info
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Race Name:  Drakkari

Ancestral Homeworld:  Drakkari.  It was one of two frozen worlds in a star system with a blue gas giant, and six sub-zero temperature moons.  It was located in the Unknown Regions.
Current Homeworld:  Multiple - Mainly 244Core
Languages:  Basic, Drakkari

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan:  135 years
Average Height:  6'0" to 6'5" (Males), 5'6" to 5'10" (Females)
Skin Color:  Anywhere from very pinkish-white to light blue - even dark violet
Hair Color:  Ranges between gray, white, blue/black, brown, and purple
Physical Description:  Drakkari appear to be related in some fashion to both Devaronians, and Svivreni (to a lesser degree) at least at first.  But in truth, the similarity ends with the cranial horns (which are limited to the females) and lack thereof in the males (inverted in comparison to Devaronians) - as well as cloven hooves and pupil-less blue eyes that seem to glow faintly from within.  Both genders have tails, though those belonging to the men are longer and supported by more developed musculature while those of the women are shorter and less muscular.  Both men and women have tendrils similar to Twi'lek lekku (not as long, but just as sensitive) - male tendrils hang from their chin, and can range in number from none at all to four, of varying size and shape, whereas females possess tendrils that hang from behind their pointed ears (another feature shared by both genders), and can reach to their shoulders even though they are thinner in comparison.  Both genders have hair, ranging between gray, white, blue/black, brown, and purple, and the men also possess fan-like forehead plates that rise and overlap those behind it.  Finally, their blood is blue, and skin color can be anywhere from very pinkish-white to light blue - even dark violet.

- Infant: 1-4
- Child: 4-16
- Young Adult: 16-19
- Adult: 19-80
- Middle Age: 80-120
- Old Age: 120-150
- Venerable: 150+

Race Strengths:  Drakkari males are typically born with a moderate resistance to injuries due to their thick skin, and females are born with a stronger immune system then their men.  Drakkari can also regenerate from most injuries, though the time needed varies depending on the severity of the wound - less threatening injuries can take anywhere from a handful of minutes to one or two dozen, and more critical ones can take anywhere from an hour to a few hours . . . or several hours.

Race Weaknesses:  While males are stronger, they aren't as fast or intelligent as they are strong, and lack the resistance to poison that the women have - poison affects them twice as powerfully at it otherwise would.  Conversely, Drakkari females lack the degree of strength needed to match their speed and intelligence, and the thick hide-like skin that their men have.  Their ability to regenerate comes with the exception of being unable to regenerate lost limbs or organs without major medical assistance - the exception being decapitation, which can kill them just like most other races in the galaxy.  As well, the Drakkari's spectrum of vision overlaps both the ultraviolet and normal spectrums - but the race is not capable of seeing one spectrum or the other completely without taking time to adjust/adapt to different lighting conditions, leading to each member of the race being disoriented for the length of time it takes to adapt - adaptation from normal to ultraviolet takes forty minutes, and reversing the adaptation takes the same length of time.  And finally, the Drakkari's regenerative capabilities put them into a coma-like state during which they are completely vulnerable and unable to respond to anything until the healing process has finished.

Race Distinctions:  Drakkari follow a code of honor that compels them to be extremely stubborn and unyielding when it comes to dealing out justice for any slights to others, or themselves - whether real or perceived.  Primarily a warrior culture, they value honor and cooperation for a unified purpose - but they do have an artistic, cultural side as well . . . though it is generally overshadowed by other elements of their culture.  Men are typically the protectors and warriors of the Drakkari, and women generally fill the majority of their non-combat-oriented professions - though as with all races, there are exceptions.  The capability to sense and use the Force is rare among the Drakkari, making such individuals more treasured in their culture - and more protected - a weak point for enemies to exploit.  As well, the entire race is xenophobic to a small degree, after their treatment at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Sociological Note:  Drakkari society is communal - children do have biological parents, but they are raised by the entirety of whatever community they are born in.  This often leads to individuals having differing levels of skill in a variety of pursuits.

Technology:  Drakkari technology is at the level of most other races, though they differ in how their technology is powered - instead of relying on entirely artificial means, they use crystals to power all their ships and devices.

Language:  Drakkari typically take the time to learn most of the languages they encounter out of a desire to learn, the exception being those belonging to insectoid races, though they prefer to communicate in Basic.

Relations:  Drakkari get along with most races, though they are cautious around races and individuals who resort to underhanded tactics such as poison, deception, and the like, to achieve their goals.

Personality/Psyche:  Drakkari are generally friendly and honorable, though they are contemptuous of and disapproving about any who have a reputation for being shady or unethical in their dealings with others.

Typical Professions:  Armorers, Artists, Commandos, Dancers, Engineers, Entertainers, Geologists, Mechanics, Medical Doctors, Mineralogists, Musicians, Scientists, Shamans, Scouts, Tech Specialists, Technicians, Weaponsmiths.

Drakkari Beliefs on the Force:  Drakkari know little of the Force to the degree of understanding that the Jedi and Sith possess.

Drakkari Force Tradition:  Drakkari have their own Force tradition, similar in nature to that which the Witches of Dathomir follow, though only a portion of their race is capable of accessing the Force – these gifted individuals are protected above all others, and generally don't go anywhere without guardians.  Because of their reliance on and preference for crystals, Drakkari have found a way to imbue crystals with various defensive properties . . . as well as having developed a ritual that allows them to tie spirits to their more powerful, more valuable crystals – whether these spirits are of animals they revere, or particularly knowledgeable members of their own race who have passed from corporeal life into what they refer to as “Those Who Journey Beyond,” their name for those Drakkari who have become one with the Force and managed the same feat as Qui-Gonn Jinn once did.

Brief History:  The Drakkari who make their home in the Unknown Regions to this day, are survivors and descendants of survivors of the original people who once called Drakkari home, but were victimized and displaced during the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the galaxy.  In the generations leading up to the eventual defeat of the extra-galactic conquerors, and the generations since then, the remaining two million members of the race have spread throughout the Unknown Regions . . . creating enclaves that are mainly located close to the boundary between the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions - the locations of which are a closely guarded secret among the Drakkari and those they consider allies.  In the last half-dozen years, however, they have also founded such a settlement on the Wild Space world of Nirauan.

At least one active character who will be part of this race:  Ceyla Vira
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