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Kalmiya Sachae, Skulking Cobra
« on: 05/11/10 01:44:23 »
Full Name: Kalmiya Ursula Sachae

Age:  25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthworld:  Kuat, though only nominally
Homeworld(s): Based in Nar Shaddaa

Legal Status: Wanted in at least seventeen systems, unwanted in most of the rest
Relationship Status: Single
Living Situation: Owns a very large apartment in Nar Shaddaa's Red Sector
Occupation: Information broker

Affiliation: Herself

Abilities: Mild empathy from Force-sensitivity (manifests as an incredibly accurate judge of character). Incredible liar.

Personal Skills: Functional training in Echani grappling and "kinetic transfer", as well as blaster pistols and rifles. Capable pilot and amateur hacker/slicer. Incredible actor and mistress of disguise, and wonderful at maintaining circular conversations until she learns exactly what she wants. Both intimidating and charming.

Personality:  Kal thinks of herself first, next, and last. She seems to lack any morals at all, but at the same time she appears to be driven by some greater cause, a kind of crusade that her every action fights for. She rarely speaks second in any conversation, and often seems mildly irritated when she is not in total control of what is going on around her. To say she comes off "abrasive" is to be generous.

Hobbies: Dejarick, finance, collecting exotic (and dangerous) animals and slaves

Physical Stats
Avatar: Charisma Carpenter
Theme Song: "Sidewinder" by Avenged Sevenfold
Motto: "Random chance is totally nondiscriminatory; all are equal it its eyes. Chaos is the only real justice, and anarchy is the breeding ground of chaos. In this sense, I am a crusader for justice, not a terrorist."
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Other: Bar code tattoo numbered "37G-1A-928R" on the back of her neck, near the base of her spine.  

General Appearance: Somewhere between average and just above-average height with a smooth-skinned and toned body that comes not from use, but from simple exercise. Kalmiya is well aware that her figure and feature made to draw attention and she uses that fact to her advantage, keeping her clothes form-fitting, eloquent, and normally openly sensual, but never outright slutty. Her hair is long, immaculately groomed, and styled in a variety of ways depending on how she feels at the moment. She rarely carries any weapons visible on her person, but normally keeps a hold-out blaster in a hidden thigh holster.

Pictured here.

Hold-Out Blaster - A 22T4 hold-out blaster that Kal keeps holstered on her right thigh, normally well-hidden by her dresses.
Encryted Datapad - Her personal connection to her entire network, this datapad is heavily encrypted. Anna would probably take a full day to crack into it.
Entourage - A full escort of servants, bodyguards, maids, personal hovercraft, pets, and just about everything else that Kal could ever need perpetually follows her around. Most of them will disperse when a hostile or stressful situation presents itself.

Complete  History:
Kalmiya was born to Garen and Marilin Sachae, their first daughter and biggest disappointment. At five years old, her younger sister Anna was born, and her life got much more frustrating. While Kal had taken to machines just like her father, Anna was a natural  with them. While Kal frequently disagreed with her mother, Anna was a perfect angel, loved by both parents. After a while, Kal stopped existing until her parents needed a "bottom line" to compare their beloved  Anna to.

Kal couldn't take it after a while. At sixteen, she stowed away on the first outbound transport she could find to find a life, any life better than the one she had. Of course, when you  stow away on a spice smuggler's ship, the best you can hope for is a quick jaunt out the airlock or a less-than-brutal future as a slave. Kalmiya got the second.

Her period of "indentured servitude" lasted all of two years, but rewarded her with two things; a barcode tattoo that she has chosen to never remove, and a seething hatred of all established galactic order. The system lords, whoever they were, were totally content to sit by and let her brief stint in slavery happen, sometimes even coming to enjoy its fruits.

Kal's spirit couldn't be squelched, and her new  owner found this out the hard way when he wound up with a blaster round  between his legs and in each kidney as his delectable property walked off and flew him the bird. Afterward, Kalmiya learned how to live amongst the scum of the galaxy. Quickly did she learn that information was the most valuable universal currency in the galaxy, and she attempted to amass as much as possible within the few short years after her escape. She hasn't seen her family in upwards of eight years, and judging by her current information network, she doesn't need them.

This profile is subject to change anytime I feel I need to update the history to keep track of what Kalmiya is doing. You have been warned.

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Kalmiya Sachae, Skulking Cobra
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Added to the bio list

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Kalmiya Sachae, Skulking Cobra
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Character has been reinvented and remade, this version of the bio archvied by writer's request.