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Ambassador Laura Organa
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Name: Laura Organa
Rank: Ambassador
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 45

Physical Appearance
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 62kgs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Alburn/Red
Physique/Build/Frame: Toned for her age, Slim
Skin Tone: White
Distinguishing Marks: Has tattoo on right ankle (rose)

Personality and Traits

General Overview:

Laura has been involved in politics since she was a young woman on Alderaan, a member of the Organa family with access to the resources and wealth that makes alot of things possible, she has been educated in the finest schools and was soon assisting her Father in the daily running of Alderran. The eldest daughter of her family she was soon representing her Father in important meetings until eventually being made an Ambassador in her own right. Strong, courageous, smart and caring all of these have been used to describe Laura Organa but she is also a patriot and believes in the ideals of freedom and democracy. She has been a leader, she has been a good daughter and now she wishes to see how this new Alliance will allow her to affect change on a galactic level.

Quirks: Wears glasses, chews on the left end of her glasses when she thinks

Strengths & Weaknesses


Laura's strengths all revolve around her humanity, her intellect and her experience. With the wealth of her family she has recieved the finest education at the best schools, she is well verse in Galactic ettiquete and politics. She has developed relationships with many of the core worlds and is routinely in the process of firming those alliances and developing new relationships. She is also her Father's daughter and has recieved some military training so that she had appreciate those men and women who fight for their planet. Her wealth coupled with her years of experience as an Ambassador and her drive; her passion for the cause makes her an extremely dangerous opponent and a fierce ally


Laura has the normal weaknesses that a woman her age has normally and she has had several operations pertaining to breast cancer that she is still taking medication for and is dealing with which is very stressful ontop of the normal duties she has


She has high hopes of bringing the Alliance into a position of power once again and bringing freedom, peace and stability to the galaxy. Personal hopes she secretly wishes to find someone to settle down with and have a family but she has accepted that her life means certain sacrifices and she has made her peace with that

Hobbies & Interests

Laura has a passion for history and has a personal collection of books that she has already read cover to cover, she also loves to cook and when she is stationed at a location for a while she will steal some space and start to grow a garden so that she can get ready access to the ingredients that she needs. Her quarters are a mix of functional Ambassador quarters and a small green house with all the herbs and plants that she grows


Laura has a small droid named R12 or who she fondly refers to as Billy, after her younger brother that died as a child. R12 is an extremely capable little astro droid and has been Laura's steadfast companion of many years.


Galatic Standard, Old Corillian, Jawa Trade Language, Binary, Bocce, Huttese



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Ambassador Laura Organa
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