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The planet is Y'Sad.. And the description is listed below along with it's hierarchy etc.

King: Elias Fiore

Queen:  Leentje Fiore (By marriage to Elias)

Prince:  Setheran Fiore (Twin of Elias), Methias Fiore (Deceased)

Princess: Adrianna Fiore (By marriage to Methias)

Children Princes and Princesses of Y'Sad:  Namric, Sienne, Aaralyn, Kyle (Twins) {by Elias and Leentje}

Deidre Yaran, Cernyi (Triplets), Il'Sirus, Ithiel and Malikar (Twins), {by Methias and Adrianna}

Each Fiore has their own bodyguard assigned to them for their own protection.

Delicacies of Y'Sad include Ewok meat.

Terms such a Mehalla and Mahalla are ones of affection for Y'Sadians.

Mehalla is a term for a loved one or close family member, friend, etc.

Mahalla on the other hand is the term one uses for their soul mate. They do not use this word lightly. For this shows who they want to share their future with. This term alone is what began the rift so long ago, when Methias brought Adrianna home and she met his father.

The colors of Y'Sad were chosen as Black and red with an accent of gray. It will not be surprising to see the royal family in these colors often.

Y’Sad the Planet [/i][/b]

A warrior race which for generations that has only known war, when the children reach the age of five they begin their training to become warriors.  Since they are bred for war, one will never see a Y'Sadian without swords on his/her back as they are always ready for an attack.

Led by King Elias Fiore, the Y'Sadians are a fiercely proud race.  If there is one thing they do not believe in is Y'Sadians marrying off worlders. The first to do so was Prince Methias Fiore.  The current King's own brother. This did not go over well with the Y'Sadians. They have grown accustomed to their Princess being a Corellian. She carries about her the air of a Princess and the air of a warrior. The King met his Corellian wife through the Princess, fell in love with her.  Chased her to the ends of the Galaxy to gain her affection and to finally claim her, he burst through the doors picked her up and carried her out declaring his love for her.  

They have ship docks but to travel around the land they still uses carts and horses that were from another world a long time ago and bred here.  The castle of Y’Sad has beautiful gardens filled with golden roses and other flora.  The elaborate gardens overlook Lake Isolde where the water is as blue as the sky. 

The environment is treated with a lot of respect, as are the women.  Women however are not seen as the weaker sex - but rather even stronger in some ways. Never the less, they are treated like ladies. If a Lady is seen to need ANY assistance at all, it is polite to ask if she is need of it regardless and allow her to accept or decline. To assist a woman without asking if she would like or requires assistance will result in a polite but sharp object in your side unless you are of blood kin or her Mahalla.

The babies are as beautiful as all babies are. Until you get close to one. Just because a Y'Sadian baby is beautiful, it doesn't mean you should get too close. At birth, babies have sharp teeth for survival reasons.  This of course is so the children can protect themselves against strangers, since they are unable to defend themselves in any other manner.  Their teeth are naturally ground down when they reach the age of seven.  If you do not wish to lose a finger, don’t put it too close to the child’s mouth.  By Y'Sadian law, a child born out of wedlock must carry the last name of the father. 

The rather unique white wings that only the females seemed to bare. The wings developed after birth and were usually maneuverable by age four; however the ability to control them for flight is not adept until age six. The strength and purpose of the wings is determined by which family you belong to. Some are well practiced in the art of flight while others have lost interest in learning how to fly and only have they for a bit of a fancy show.  The wingspan spreads a total of 8 feet across. 

There have only been five cases in which males have developed white wings - all five times the wings having been born unto the firstborn sons of the royal family only. Each of these sons has ascended to the throne.  All but Setheran Fiore, King Elias’ twin brother.   The wings of the males expand to a total of 11 feet across.  Setheran Fiore’s wings however are not white as all the other members of the family.  His are black in color.

The natural eye colour of a Y’Sadian is red.  It is a brighter shade of red.  It does not mean they are angry. Nor does it mean they are in a good mood. The colour however does get more intense and twinges through their eyes during a time of intense emotion.

A Y'sadian's lifespan also surpasses that of a normal human - but not by much. Approximately a hundred and twenty years. During the last ten years of their lifespan they usually disappear from society to live their life in solitude

The former King, Elias and Methias' father was a relentless man who would attack any planet for the sheer joy of starting a war. It was something that he lived for. Though when war broke out in his own family, it was unexpected and he was murdered for it.

Setheran Fiore, twin brother of Elias, ostracized for the simple fact of being born. As the King had so explained, he could not have his sons fighting for the throne. So Setheran was seemingly tossed to a family to be raised as a poor child on a far away planet. The King could not risk anyone realizing who the child was, for he had wings as well. Stating that he was royalty and in line for the throne. Setheran came back to find his father and kill him. Thus making Elias the King of Y'Sad.

On Y’Sad, a family is chosen to have a daughter who will become the dancer to the King. She is born and bred to serve only him to dance and simply be his concubine. She lives off the throne room in order to please and dance for the King when he desires entertainment. The last known dancer for the King was Saraid Cullen. Elias sent Saraid to care for his brother's children as they went to Corellia to visit their mother Adrianna after their father's untimely death at the hands of Sith Mistress Athena Somir. Saraid, as a warrior of Y'Sad, gave herself over to protect the children to watch over them as their guardian. Subsequently her wings were cut off by Sith Mistress Adama Raine.

After that, Adrianna met Xander Starkiller and they were together for a year.  Adrianna was a fool because when she discovered she was pregnant with his child, she waited as long as she could for him to say "I love you." before she ran away.  Not informing him she was having his child.  The Princess of Y'Sad since has been living on Y'Sad raising Coren as the son of her dead husband Methias Fiore. 

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