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Star Wars: Descension
« on: 05/04/10 19:59:22 »
This is the "official" Star Wars: Descension ad, ripe for the taking. However, if you wish to advertise us and use an ad of your own, feel free to And if you come up with an ad that looks/works better than this, please tell Shery, because she really wants one! Cookies guaranteed.

Star Wars: Descension is a post-per-post roleplaying game with member driven plots set in the galaxy of Star Wars .

We emphasize the importance of personal stories as well as big, board-wide plots. More than an RP board, we pride ourselves on the community aspect of our board, with members pouring in from all around the world. Here at Star Wars: Descension, we promise and provide awesome stories, friendships in every corner, and above all, a new place to call home.

So come on in and join the fun! The Galaxy is only one click away...

Advertisers and Affiliates welcome.
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