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Planet Name: Nyx, Imperial Center
AstrographicalRegion: Primarily Wild SpaceSector: UnknownSystem: UnknownSuns: 1, Sol (maintained with tractor beam projector)Moons: 1, Luna (maintained with tractor beam projector)Rotation period: 18 Galactic Standard hoursOrbital period: 486 Nyxian days
PhysicalAtmosphere: 1 standard atmosphere; primarily oxygen (maintained with atmospheric containment field)Climate: TemperatePrimary Terrain: City, open plainsSurface Water: Present, forms large oceansPoints of Interest: Imperial Palace, Imperial Military Academy, SunTech Forge Works
SocietalNative Species: NoneImmigrated Species: Primarily Humans Primary Language(s): Galactic BasicGovernment: EmpirePopulation: Over 1 billionMajor Cities: Imperial City, GatewayMajor Imports: NoneMajor Exports: Grain
HistoryNyx is not a standard planet. Instead, it is a Worldcraft - an artificial, mobile planet. Nyx was created and funded secretly by the Empire-in-Exile and Dynast-King Tyren Helios, claiming it as their mobile headquarters from which they could rebuild the fallen Galactic Empire and restore it to proper roots. 
With people coming from all walks of life to enjoy the standard of living as provided by the Empire, Nyx roams the Galaxy. Utterly new, it is split into two halves - the northern half, which forms a massive ecumenopolis named Imperial City, similar to Taris or Coruscant. The southern half of the planet (what of it that is not ocean, at least) forms massive amounts of farmland where food can be grown on expansive farms - grain is the primary supply, but animal farms exist for other supplies. This is all shipped to the southern capital, Gateway (an oceanside city), which is then shipped to Imperial City and from there to any other buyers. Nyx is, for the most part, a rather self-sufficient planet. Under the planet's surface is the control centre for the world, over which the Imperial Palace is built. From here, Imperial control can be properly maintained. 
What happens to Nyx is not known, given its short history.
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