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Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Quelii
System: N/A
Suns: None
Moons: None
Grid Coordinates: N/O-6 (On the line of ā€˜Nā€™ and ā€˜Oā€™, Between Cathar and Dathomir
Rotation period: 24 hours (Base off of Dathomir)
Orbital period: 491 Days (Base off of Dahtomir)

Atmosphere: Artificial (With in the city only)
Climate: Cold (Warm and temperate in the city)
Primary Terrain: Rocky and Barren
Surface Water: None
Points of Interest: Tempio di Tenebre (Underground Space Habitat)

Native Species: None
Immigrated Species: Dathomirian, Lorrdian and other random Human races
Primary Language(s): Paecian and Galactice Basic
Government: Religious
Population: 5,000 (Estimate)
Major Cities: Petra (Underground Space Habitat)
Major Imports: Slaves
Major Exports: Slaves

Once a moon with a small forest and large desert, it was stolen from an unknown system by Petra Cavataio. Ripped from the solar system and thrown into the black and given the name of Sognoterra. Because it was torn from its natural orbit and rotation, all gravity, atmosphere and life were stopped and destroyed. Once in empty space, it received several impacts of wandering comets and asteroids which helped purged the surface of the top layer that held traces of what it was once was.

After a year of floating alone in the black, Petra Cavataio came back with a large work force of slaves and proceeded to dig to the core for it to be hollowed out. With the area cleared out and having thousands of meters of natural defenses, enclosed city with its own atmosphere and gravity. When the city was completed, small section of Cosa Nostra moved in with victims, worshipers and slaves of Petra. The planet became the heart of the cult that the Dathomirian witch created.

Point of Interest
Tempio di Tenebre
The temple is in the heart of the city known as Petra. All roads and walk ways lead to the temple. The look is modeled like a pyramid close to the same style of ancient sith structures. However comparing to OOC places, the building is like the Mayan pyramids. Four stairway, one on each side, leading up to the small temple were public sacrifices are done and spiral stairwell leading down to three major chambers. One is large room that holds dungeon for fun and pleasure. Another is Petra bed chamber for when she visits and connected to it is the third room which is her office.

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