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Planet Name: Phurya

Region Expansion Region
Sector Malastare
System: Phury system
Suns 1 sun named Yezla
Moons 2 moons one Terran/1 barren 
Rotation period 36 hours
Orbital period 352 days

Atmosphere Breathable Atmosphere
Climate Humid 
Primary Terrain Jungle
Surface Water Salt Water Oceans and Fresh Water Lakes and Rivers
Points of Interest Felix (Planet Capital)

Native Species Phuryans
Immigrated Species None
Primary Language(s):Phuryan and Basic
Government Empire
Population 1.4 Billion 
Major Cities Felix (Capital), Gunther City, Grand Pilar Space Port 
Major Imports Commercial Space craft (black market weapons and supplies)
Major Exports Metals and Building Materials 

Not much is know about Phurya before the past 300 years due to the 12 tribes not keeping a record of events that had happened before the time of the unification the tribes where in constant tribal wars but one of the Tribes Grand Champions rose up and united the 12 tribes and formed the Phuryan Empire across the entire planet. For 300 years he and his successors turned the planet into a industrial power house making commercial trade ships and also making black market weapons and other supplies for the criminal underworld. 

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