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Race Name: Phuryans

Home world/s: Phurya
Language/s: Phuryan

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan: 120 years
Average Height: 6 foot 2 inchs
Skin Color: White to Tan
Hair Color: Blond to Black
Physical Distinctions: Strong, tough and rouged 
Phuryan MalePhuryan Female

Race Strengths: Phuryans can adapt to an environment faster then most races enabling them to be fierce hunters in any climate. Also due to their homeworld's high gravity pressure they naturally have a harder bone density and stronger muscular system enabling them to jump, run, climb, and swim faster and longer then a human can. (they can climb mountains higher as well as jump) they can also fall further then a human can without breaking bones.
Race Weaknesses: Most Phuryans are prone to fits of rage (Phuryan Rage) that make them uncontrollable monsters that can be easily killed if enough man power is pressed against them but some have been able to control and use it as a strength, Phuryans are very proud of their heritage and do not like to change culturally when they move off world. This causes them to be sometimes singled out due to their strong ties to their history and ways they were raised.
Race Distinctions: Phuryan Senses are the ability to see and smell the emotions of an organism that they are hunting making them more lethal hunters. They also have the Beast Tongue ability that by using their Phuryan Sense and the fact that they have spend millions of years with animals they can see the emotions as physically understand animals of their home planet and common pets from around the galaxy (dogs, cats, some reptiles, horses) making it possible to communicate through emotions and physical touch and movement. (seeing how both the Phuryan and Animal can sense each others emotions they can use it communicate as well as learn each others body languages [the more comfortable the Phuryan and Animal are the more the two can communicate through emotions and body language])

Brief History: Phuryans have been mostly secluded on their homeworld of Phurya with the exception of a few that have join criminal organizations and in rare cases become force users on both the light and dark sides of the force. Only recently in the last 300 years have they started to become more and more apart of the Galactic Community. The Phuryans once were seperated into 12 different tribes but have now been united under the Phuryan Grand Champion, Felix Plainmaster who became the Emperor of Phurya. Within the last 300 years Phurya has grown from a jungle world into a world of cities and industry under the rule of Felix Plainmaster's great Grandson Ganson Plainmaster. 
At least one active character who will be part of this race:
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