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Planet name: Centur

Region: Mid Rim
Sector: Halla sector
System: CenturSuns:one
Moons: none
Rotation period: 26 hours
Orbital period: 329 days

Atmosphere: the atmosphere can support humanoid life
Climate: varies on the season
Primary Terrain: valleys and mountains
Surface Water: about 50% of Centur is water
Points of Interest: The Emperor palace, the thunder clash mountains

Native Species: human
Immigrated Species:  Tal-Syn
Primary Language(s): basic
Government: lead by a Emperor/Empress, and the Elder council.
Population: 3.9 billion
Major Cities: Lega, Cae, Torae, and Salka (capital)
Major Imports: medical supplies, and energy sources
Major Exports: very valuable metals and gems.

the planet of Centur is considered a very valuable planet for it's massive amount of valuable metals and gems. this made colonization quick. but the Empire of Centur found it to be a good chance to make the planet a better place. the empire's leader was called Rahen Veek. he laid down heavy taxes on all mining operations and the people of the planet. Rebellion was whispered between major groups of the empire and if they were found to be ploting revilotion they were exicuted.

Until a Woman came from the stars bearing a large rifle and a royal seal. She was the emporor's sister that had been exiled, her name Anima. she rallyed support in the shadows and lead the revolt to the palace gates. Rahen Veek's reign was cast down by rebels and he was replaced by the rebellion's leader Anima. Anima now leads the planet with an appointed elder council witch gives her advice on course of actions.

The Tal-Syn came to Centur 300 years after they're home word was destroyed. they have been helpful in defense of the planet. Empress Anima granted the entire Tal-Syn race citizenship on Centur.

(special thanks to Rebecca Hall for her help)
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