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Zaria Dunne
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    General Information
Name: Zaria Ashlyn Dunne
Known alias: Zaria Thek, Lucia Tame, Aisha Shysa, Lenna Malo, Aurora Sol….  
Birth planet: Irrelevant
Faction/Loyalties: The Criminal Underworld
Ranks: Trainee
Profession: Grifter
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-two

     Physical Appearance
Avatar: Emily Blunt
Height: 5' 7½" (1.71 m)
Weight: 132 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Shape: Slim
Skin Tone: Tanned
Distinguishing Marks: None

Significant Other: None
Mother: Valkryie Dunne-Thek
Father: Dain Thek
Biological Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other family: Irrelevant
Mentors: None yet

     Basic History
Zaria Ashlyn was born to Valkryie Dunne-Thek and as it was believed at the time Dain Thek. Her father was told to father the latest Shaman of the Whills, a holy member of their Ancient Order of the Whills. As Zaria was born as the brightest maiden, pure, sublime and honorable and as such named. She was to be the first of the Thek family with such an honor.

Early in life, at the age of three, Zaria was put to studies and practice. Despite her young age, Dain felt it was best if his daughter began early. And for the next four years, it all took place because her father began to suspect things. She didn’t show any of her skills yet, she didn’t study things out of the ordinary. Her mother tried to protect her daughter from what was to come but instead, Dain made up his mind and sent their daughter on a series of tests, only to discover that she was not only powerless, but also not his daughter at all. It broke his heart. Valkryie didn’t seem so surprised. However, both mother and father were force practitioners and when Zaria was discovered without any force sensitivity

Ten years, Zaria lived as the daughter of the two, but her studied decreased, her preparation to fulfil the prophecy ended. It broke the little girl’s heart because she was not to blame for anything that had happened and she cared for her father very much. However, this all began to change with the changes done to her. Zaria began to feel bitter to her parents, how they hated her, to her mother for cheating on her father, and most of all for not becoming who she was told she would be.

And then one night, she snuck out of the house, tired of it all. She chose not to carry the last name she was born into, and simply took her mother’s maiden name since it was the one parent she knew she belonged to. She was seventeen at the time. A year later, during a raid on a planet she was on, she got hit by a weapon at the back of her head hard. When she woke up, she had no memories of who she was or any of her life. All she had was her ID with the name Zaria Dunne and several person items. Expect, even without knowing who she was, she did not feel the need to find out. Something inside her told her that she didn’t need to know, that her life was to be good as she was.

Nowadays, she takes different names, and takes short term jobs to earn money. She’s not a con-woman per say, simply something she turns to get finances.
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Zaria Dunne
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