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Kayla Christman
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     General Information
Name: Kayla Shimi Christman
Birth planet: Tatooine
Faction: The Alliance
Rank: Jedi Apprentice
Gender: Female
Age: Eighteen

      Physical Appearance
Avatar: Elisha Cuthbert
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Piercing Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Body Shape: Slightly curved
Skin Tone: Light
Distinguishing Marks: The shade of her hair color tends to change from time to time, based on sun's impact.

Mother: Leigh Christman
Father: Michael Christman
Significant other: Alexander Ultron
Siblings: Anakin Christman, Annika Christman, Mimi Christman
Children: Non yet
Other family: Grandfathers: Aurelius Bergen, Kale ChristmanGrandmothers: Tyra Bergen, Julia DefargoUncles: Antuan Bergen,  Romulus Christman, Callius TavriusAunts: Kyra Tavrius, Zhanna Bergen (deceased)
Masters: Leigh Christman (informal), Tyra Bergen (informal)Students: 
Kayla is an extremely alive person, living in the now and never worrying too much about the future. She does have a overprotective strife but this is strongly because she is the eldest of four children and has spent quite a bit of time with her parents being away while growing up, making her feel like she has to look over her younger siblings. She's extremely close to her mother, as well as the twins, however she always buts heads with her youngest sibling, Mimi. While others may be lenient towards the youngest one, Kayla has always felt there is more to her then just that but could never quite pin point what it was. Hence why her relationship to the youngest Christman is quite unique compared to the rest of the family. When it comes to her Father, Kayla loves is very much just as any of her elders, yet, for all his travels over the years, she's grown more close to her mother, and even more because of the shared bond of wanting to be a Jedi she has with her.

She's quite capable in quite a few things, and loves to take hobbies. She loves the dance, cook and often practice what she has learned from her Mother about her Force abilities (even though it isn't a lot) and takes quite a bit time studying. As the eldest, she's always felt she has to set an example to the other tree, however, that won't stop her from sometimes exploring boys and having fun.

The interesting thing about her is that she does not lie. It is often hard for her to even withhold things from people due to her truthful nature. 

      Basic History
Age 0 – Kayla Christman is born to Leigh and Michael Christman, as their eldest.
Age 2 - Is given a brother and a sister, Anakin and Annika.
Age 4 - Is given her baby sister, Mimi.
Age 5 -  Wakes up one night screaming, being struck by terrible hurt, her Father  goes missing shortly. Likes to take her Mother's lightsaber and play around with it. Is left with her siblings in the care of her grandparents as her Mother goes to join the Jedi to be trained.
Age 6 - Uses Telekinesis for the first time.
Age 7 - Her father returns home after two years with her Mother, shortly before her Mother leaves again to continue her training. Continues to practice her skills.
Age 8 - 16 - Is often told about the Force, Jedi and her ancestors by her grandmother who had become pen to letting future generations pick their own destiny. Her Mother comes home often and helps her further her active ability and meditating.
Age 17 - Meets Zane Starkiller when his escape pod lands in the desert near her house. To her, he is a sign that she's ready to leave Tatooine and train as a Jedi. Expect her new friend becomes a little more than just a friend. It's meeting him that ups her to admit to her grandparents that she wishes to truly follow in her mother's footsteps and leaves with him, joining the Alliance on Dantooine. Instead of beginning her training with a Master right away, she starts with the younglings. Several months later, she receives a message from Zane warning her of the Imperium attack on TA and when nobody but her mother listens to her, she leaves Dantooine, meeting Zane on Tatooine once more. Age 18 - Kayla decides it's time to start her training officially and travels with her mother to Corellia to meet Adrianna Fiore to receive advice on who to ask to get training from. 

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Kayla Christman
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