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Solin Kaishor
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Character Name: Solin Kaishor

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Hair color: Black

Species: Felacatian

Faction: Sith

Eye Color: Gold

Height: 6'0”

Weight: 160

Homeworld: Axxila

Residence: where ever his needs to be

Mentor: None anymore

Languages: Common

Personality: Solin is a speak when spoken to kid, he obeys orders and doesn’t talk back.
Being a slave he knows what he is supposed to do and he usually does it without any remorse.
Being a Felacatian he tries his hardest not to become stressed due to his "Other side".

Even though he seems calm all the time he is honestly sad and doesn’t like his way of life, he is terrified of killing people, and he gets squeamish at the sight of blood. Although he still tried his hardest to be a sith as his master was.

Unique Characteristics: none, besides his feline ears, tail, and being covered head to foot in fur.

Any Special Skills: His Felacatian beast form and being Force Sensitive.

Saber Forms: Tràkata

Force Related Skills:
-Force Jump
-Force Pull/push
-Mind trick

Participation in The Game (Good, Evil, Neutral): neutral/evil

Starting off Weapons:
-His Lightsaber

Family Status: Mother and father both dead

Character Feats:
-Beast form

Character Bio: Solin was born on Axxila as a single child to a less than loving father. His father often beat him much to the dislike of his mother; his mom was often the only person Solin could turn to. When Solin was five his father was killed for not paying his "Bills", when Solin's father was killed even though he was sad that he had lost his father he was slightly relieved because of his fear of his father’s constant beatings. Growing up Solin did everything that his mother told him, he never thought to disobey her he only did what she said, he grew a special bond with her and he hoped never to be separated from her; little did he know now his worst fear would come true.
From a young age he was constantly working in the cantina, either picking up bottles and cleaning the floor or getting supplies from the back room.
When Solin was seven he had gotten into a fight with a man who had a little too much to drink, unfortunately for the man the stress was too much for Solin.
Almost instantly his body tripled in size and large spike like protrusions shot out of his back, he had turned into his second form.
The man had let go as soon as Solin almost the same time as the spikes came out, he pulled out a blaster only to have it smacked out of his hand.
After Solin had destroyed the blaster he attacked in a rush of fear and anger.
Once the fight was over the man was covered in blood, several of his finger were missing and his leg was across the room.
Solin quickly got his mother and he broke out into tears, his mother had taken him out of the cantina for two years before she let him return even though it was only to visit her not to work.
When he was eight his mother was wounded on a trip, she had suffered burns to most of her body. Although Solin would never know his mother was a rogue Jedi, she had been on a trip for nothing but business, although when a sith happened to show up things got messy and although she escaped with her life her scars would never go away.
Well she was at home she had let Solin work at the cantina to help pay for their home.
He worked as both the bartender and the janitor for the cantina; he stayed working there for a few months.
When people asked about his age he stated that his race just looked young, as to not be taken out of the cantina, most of the time it worked and even more he had to ask people to leave when they asked too much questions...
Once his mother was better she came back to the cantina but let Solin keep working as the bartender, but only on certain occasions.
During the next two years Solin had only been found at either his home or the cantina because his mother liked to keep an eye on him.
When Solin was ten his mother fell into hard times and there home was taken, his mother was taken away and Solin never saw her again, thus his greatest fear had come to fruition. After loosing his mother Solin was sold to the huts as a slave, he was under service of the huts for a few months before they apparently got bored of him and he was put into a market and soon after put up for sale.

After a few weeks of being in sale a man walked into the store and decided to buy Solin, little did he know the man was a Sith and had other purposes for Solin besides being a slave.
Although the shop keeper decided to get rid of Solin completely instead of selling him off; hearing this Solin panicked and his second side burst out, he lunged through his cage killing the shopkeeper and passed out.

When he awoke the man was standing over him, Solin had no idea what had happened a few moments earlier until he saw the mangled corpse of the shop keeper on the floor.
Shocked at the events that had happened he soon found himself a slave to the man who had bought him.

As the two were leaving Solin staid on the man’s ship, and after a while a few men came towards him, one who seemed to be injured.
Solin let them on board much to his better judgment, and soon found out that they were enemies of his master.
The men tried to get Solin to come with him, although he obeyed his master’s wishes and staid on the planet; although little did he know the men were Jedi and they were trying to help him.

As soon as Solin had been taken under his masters wing he soon found himself traveling to the planet Thule, he didn't know what would happen there or what it would be like but he knew what his master had told him. He was to find a cave on the planet, somewhere hidden. He was left with no coordinates, and no food.
He traveled for many days before he even found the cave, and once there it took him several more days just to construct his saber. It had frustrated him but he knew that he had to succeed before he could go see his master.

As soon as he finished he raced back to where his master had left him, only to find a derelict ship torn away by the storms that barraged the barren planet. At first he had given up hope, but he decided to wait for his master there. So he made a makeshift shelter out of the wreckage and staid there, doing odd things to pass the time. He even made a mask for himself, not that he really needed it but he just liked the way it looked.

It took him a year on that planet, a long hellish year alone before he could finally leave. He had salvaged parts from his shelter and used them on another ship he had found, crashed into the planet. He was able to get a communications console working, and using the coordinates his master had sent him the year before, he was able to send a signal to get himself off of the barren rock. Finally one day came that he was picked up, he was taken off the barren planet and back to the sith home world. After his year of training in solitude he had become distant, not knowing how to talk to people. Even though he didn't have much interaction when he was a slave but a year of solitude seemed worse.

On his return he had learned that his former master had passed. He was confused, after all he wasn't sure how to react that the man who had bought him had perished. Although he was quickly put into training under another sith, but he always seemed distant to the man, and the man never seemed to care for him either.

He learned the ways of lightsaber combat, training under different forms until he found Tràkata. Although his master disapproved of him learning the form he decided to train in secret. At first it was hard, with no instruction and just the basics he found it increasingly hard to learn. He asked his master about training, but was met only with a heavy beating for training in secret. Although he didn't waver, the beating was only met with a straight face. Solin had been through worse before. This was the first time his master had earned even a hint of respect for Solin, so he decided that he would train him.

It took years, solin getting older and stronger. His muscles started to grow out and he had a pronominal growth spurt. His whole body seemed to change, although he wasn't hard to recognize after all a 5'7" cat is something quite recognizable. He had trained in the ways of the force, and practiced his own way of lightsaber combat.
His master had finally earned some respect for his work, and decided he was finally ready to take him on missions outside basic tasks.

It was then that Solin learned of one of his fears, killing. It had never occurred to him before that he would have to be killing anyone but he found out eventually that the sith weren't what his original master had led him to believe. They were sent to sneak onto a ship that was carrying a smuggler who had connections for the sith. Once on board his master went to work slashing down the few people there left to right. And solin stood there his legs quivering as he watched. Once his master saw him in a sort of terrified trance standing there he was beaten quickly. They found the smuggler in one of the holding cells, and they discovered he had been interrogated and ratted out a sith base. Solin's master had ordered him to kill the smuggler and he didn't know what to do. As he stood there dumbfounded he soon found a sharp pain in the back of his head as the smuggler knocked him out. When he woke up he found the sight of the smuggler cut in two across the floor. His master standing back toward the exit.
He quickly got up and made his way toward the ship, inside he was met by a harsh talk from his master and they went back to the sith temple where solin was left to train.

Another few years passed, solin got older and trained more and more in hopes to earn his masters respect. He had become around 22 years old, and had grown to 6 feet tall. Although he began to despise his man who had trained him. He never though he could replace his old master, and he thought he was forcing him to do things against himself. Solin still did not fully understand the sith, even though he had been raised by them and trained by them. So he plotted to do something against himself, even though he knew it would haunt him. His master and him had gone to eliminate a trading camp, but Solin had other plans. His master had always known Solin to follow every word, never betray him. Solin had known this and realized that his opportunity was waiting.
So as the ship zoomed through space, his master having set the ship on autopilot he found his master meditating. He waited and when his masters back was turned he walked into the room, his master was in a trance as he stepped up behind him. He had to hold his hands still as they were shaking and he quickly drew his lightsaber and placed his saber into his masters back quickly igniting it.
As soon as he finished he dropped to the floor, his masters body falling down in front of him as he sat there breathing heavily.
He quickly regained his composure and made his way to the cockpit, he waited there until they landed and he quickly picked up his former masters body and left him in the forest for the animals to pick away at.

Having killed his master he returned to the sith temple he explained how the camp was more heavily defended than he thought, and as a result his master had perished. So with the position open Solin replaced his master. Of course he wasn't respected by any of the other sith, but his master never respected him either.
A year passed, Solin continued to train to make himself stronger, he kept distant from the rest of the sith. He chose to stay cold and try not to talk, after all if they knew how he actually was he was sure to be killed.

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Solin Kaishor
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