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Planet Template

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Planet Name: Honshu

Region: Outer Rim
Sector: Tokuga
System: Daishun
Moons: 1 no special name
Rotation period: 24 standard hours
Orbital period: 375

Atmosphere: Oxygen levels comporable to Corellia
Climate: Varied terrains ranging from temperate tropical, to barren wastelands to frozen tundra.
Primary Terrain: Warm, moderate humitidy, rolling hills, forrests and lakes.
Surface Water: 70% of planets surface, breaks up the contenants into 3 different land masses.
Points of Interest: Shinjo City, The Great River, Lee Valley

Native Species: Offshoot humans
Immigrated Species: A few traveling species and some migrant hunting races looking to cash in on Honshu's largely unspoiled wild landscape.
Primary Language(s): Basic
Government: Clan based patriarchial system.
Population: 4 billion
Major Cities: Shinjo City, Lee
Major Imports: Basic domestic goods
Major Exports: Wild Game hunting, odds and ends mineral and ore mining in some nations.

Honshu was originally only intended to be a scouted planet and then marked for possible habitation later by the Committee of Galactic Survey. However as the science and research vessel neared the immediate vicinity it came under attack by micro meteorite debris from a nearby astral collision that damaged the vessel and forced a crashed landing. Fatalities were low and fortunately resources were plenty enough that a stable colony could be established. Since there was no existing technology native to the planet everything had to be generated by hand. This meant the vessel was stripped down to the hull frame for components to make shelters, weapons and raw materials to work with.

As centuries passed, the colonies grew, spread out and established working centers of government. The two dominant groups of survivors were the Shinjo's and the Lee's. Smaller offshoots were frequent but usually relied on the larger cities to look over them for protection in exchange for greater agricultural goods. This symbiotic relationship with smaller villages and the bigger cities inspired a thriving commerce system. Basic trades sprouted up and civilization flourished under the system to this.

One point of note is the blood fued between the Shinjo state and Lee state seperated by the Great River on the main contenant. The war started when the Shinjo Clans patriarch Kaneda Shinjo was assassinated by his second, Ominaye Tsukihiro and pointed the finger at the Lee Clan. The resulting war has been a bloody war for total contral of the land.
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