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Planet Name:Sala'Dur

Region:the dead zone
Moons: none
Rotation period: thirty hours
Orbital period: three hundred days

Atmosphere: is breathable to only to the natives (the air is toxic from the volcanoes)
Climate: extreme heat in the day and extreme cold at night
Primary Terrain: a wasteland covered in volcanoes
Surface Water: none (it is all underground
Points of Interest: the city of Rall

Native Species: the Araka, the Roku, the sika
Immigrated Species:none
Primary Language(s):basic, and Shirok
Government: ruled by a high king
Population: 49 billion
Major Cities: Rall, Zu, Veav, and Shak
Major Imports:Fruit
Major Exports: Sala'Dur steel

Sala'Dur is a very hostile world for offworlders, for the natives it's just home. There have been attempts to invade the planet, those that tried were met with overwhelming force. The planet produces a unique steel that is light but Strong it could even rival duristeel. The only semi sentient specie on the planet is the Araka.
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