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Planet Name: Volinar

Region: Outer rim
Sector: Valar
System: Volinari
Suns: Taya
Moons: Ruun
Rotation period: ...twenty four hours
Orbital period: hundred

Atmosphere: oxygen-nitrogen
Climate: Temperate, some Tundra
Primary Terrain: Forest and Mountains
Surface Water: Large Ocean surrounding one large continent
Points of Interest:

Native Species: Volinari (Human)
Immigrated Species: None
Primary Language(s): Tengwar
Government: Four separate nations, each ruled by monarchies
Population: Four billion
Major Cities: Tirion, Gondolin, Menegroth, Angband
Major Imports: large variety
Major Exports: spacecraft, weapons, jewels, art

Volinar is home to four nations who have banded together to fight a fifth nation, the state of Melkor who rules from his capital of Angband. However trouble has ensued within the Union of Four when the Noldar lashed out in a hostile attack against the Teleri, who blocked a suicide mission by the Noldar who were trying to regain their prized Jewels of Power from the fortress of Angband. Now chaos has consumed the planet.

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