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Star Wars: Descension - Rules
« on: 04/04/10 20:02:21 »
Welcome to the 'verse of Star Wars: Descension!

Descension is a Star Wars roleplaying board. In this thread you will find our rules, and references to place where you can get more information.

Please note
Descension's rules are constantly being updated and revised to suit the needs of the community. If you have any suggestions, you can contact a staff member or post in The Questions and Answers thread.
Staff reserves the right to amend or change the rules at any time without notice. Please review this document periodically to ensure you are doing your part.


At its conception, our over all priority for the Staff at Descension is to provide a welcoming and productive environment for all who desire to roleplay within the Star Wars community. As such, we have condensed the following rules and guidelines so that each and every writer on the site knows what is expected of them, and what to expect of others.

Three Strikes And You're Out Rule

We like to give people second chances. In case of breach of rules that warrants an official warning, you will be notified as such through a yuku PM by one of our staffers. Break the rules more than twice and you will be banned.

Note that in some cases (such as using alts to continue problematic behavior) the three strikes rule will be neglected and the ban will be given outright. This includes exhibiting extreme behavior violating the set rules and guidelines even after several warnings come from members staff.

And most important, remember: ignorance of the rules does not excuse anyone from abiding them.

  • No “rickrolling,” trolling, flaming, bashing, insulting, spamming, profanity, harassing (sexual or otherwise), personal attacks, show of disrespect, harassment and/or racism in any form. Provoking another to do any of these is also strictly forbidden.
  • Open communication is encouraged on Descension. This means you can openly discuss anything in open form. If you have feedback, be it positive or negative, you can give it on the board, in chat, through a private message or through any other means you feel comfortable with.
  • In chat, should the conversation revolve around a subject a member finds offensive, members will be held responsible to letting others know so they can cease. To let other members know, please send them a private message (by double clicking their name) to avoid the message going unnoticed. If the members ignore you, please turn to one of the chat staff members to let them know of the issue and they will take it from there.
  • Keep OOC and IC separate. The staff and the members of Star Wars: Descension will not tolerate anyone using manipulations on an OOC level to gain IC advantages of any kind, be it sexual, political, power, or otherwise. Members who try to perform this act will have all their alts kept from being able to vie for any positions of power within any of the factions.
  • Revealing your alts is up to your own discretion. As such, do not reveal the alts of others without their consent.
  • Godmoding, metagaming and power playing are all forbidden.
  • No canon characters. No exceptions.
  • Character force and combat ranks – every character starts out at a beginner rank and works their way up through IC posting. For more information about this, view the Character Promotion Guidelines. If you have done this on another site which operated in a similar way, you may perform a Rank Transfer Request.
  • Force Alignment - If you intend to create or transfer a force sensitive character, please familiarize yourself with the Force Alignment Rules.
  • Force Powers – you can view the list of Force Powers used on this site, as well as additional information regarding the subject, here.
  • Custom Made – You may create your own race or planet, but make sure you search the official Star Wars wiki first, to make sure what you have in mind does not already exist within the Star Wars canon.
  • Royal and Noble Characters – register is in this thread. Neglect to register your royal highness and your status will not have an official stand IC.
  • Checking in with your character/s is mandatory - check ins typically start on the 1st of every month, and end on the 7th. If you've missed a check in or just returned from a LOA, just reply with a belated check in to your faction's member list.
  • Continuity - If your character has done something that others should be aware of when they RP in the same area, please let everybody else know by reporting it in the continuity thread.
-Because not everyone can have a Millennium Falcon
  • Characters cannot own personal vessels that are greater than 500m in length. The only exceptions to these are specific characters who got their ship prior to the rule change.
  • Personal vessels are limited to two per character.
  • Personal vessels must be approved by the Administration.
  • Any modifications to personal vessels must be approved by the Administration first and then RPed.
  • The acquisition of any personal vessels must be detailed in a character's history at character creation or gained through RP. If gained through RP, the vessel must be added to the character's profile or wiki page.
  • To apply your ships, see the Ship Index Thread.
  • Takeover threads must have the word "takeover" written in their subject line as soon as the thread goes up.
  • Takeovers are open threads, and anyone can join them, regardless of their purpose (support for the invasion, defending against the invaders, cameo appearances, etc).
  • Each faction is limited to one new takeover per month.
  • Factions cannot start a new takeover until the previous thread is completed.
  • Takeover threads are limited to 3 months; otherwise the faction members will lose by default.
  • New takeover threads must be pre-approved by the faction's staff representative.
  • The faction representative will give the faction members a small list of goals they must achieve within the thread for the takeover to be considered a success.  If attacking another faction, the goals for success must be agreed upon by the defending faction.  This list will be posted in the OOC Planning forum.
  • If a faction attempts to takeover another faction's planet and succeeds, the attacking faction will retain control of any purchases made by the defending faction remaining in the system and intact at the conclusion of the thread.


Faction Creation Rules
-This section details out the rules regarding creating a faction, and keeping a faction.

Creating a Faction
  • Open a thread on the OOC Planning forum and fill the Faction Proposal template in.
  • Make adjustments to the proposal as per the discussion that may develop, because both staff and members have the right to give you feedback on your proposal. Please remain patient, as these discussions may go on for a week or two.
  • The full staff will review the discussion and vote amongst them.
  • If the faction is approved, the faction will receive a trial period of 1 calendar month in which they must prove themselves by being active and providing threads for their members as well as their faction.
  • Once the month is up, respond to your proposal thread and fill the 1 month report in.
Maintaining the Faction
  • Unique Writers: The Faction must maintain the current minimum of required unique writers. At the moment, this number is four (4).
  • Activity: at least 10 posts a month by at least 50% of the faction's characters, per character, that have to directly deal with faction-threads (no limit/minimum on personal threads).
  • Should a faction run short on any given month, the faction has another month to overcome this. However, if this happens more than 3 times a year (aka, the faction is continuously struggling), it will be shelved for at least 3 months before trying again.
Faction Moderators
Those who apply for a faction also automatically apply themselves to be the moderators of the faction, unless otherwise specified. The faction moderator becomes a staff representative and these are their personal requirements:
  • The staff representative is the person most members of the faction turn to with questions, whether they are on an IC basis, specific for the faction or generally about how the board works.
  • The staff representative of a specific faction has to make sure that the faction's forums are up to date. This means that inactive threads are archived, the member's list and other information are always updated, and that the information section of the forum is properly presented.
  • The staff representative is responsible for keeping the faction active, and keeping a finger on its pulse. This does not mean that they have to reply to every single thread, but they are expected to keep a tab on what is going on, make sure that threads within the faction are responded to in a timely manner and in the case of members not proposing potential faction activity, take those reigns themselves.
Faction Purchases

Factions leaders can make one faction purchase every other month.  When the faction has determined what they'd like to purchase, the faction representative will post the request in the staff forum for approval by the administration.  Each separate bullet in the available purchase sections represents ONE purchase:

Stationary Facilities/Labs/Lab Projects

  • You must specify the location of every stationary facility purchase.
  • You will only be approved for what you post.  Therefore, it behooves you to provide as much detail as possible when requesting the purchase.
Available Purchases:
  • 1 x Defense Platform (Specify what type)
  • 1 x Space Station
  • 1 x Planetary Shield (Primary only, subsequent purchases required for secondary/back-up shield)
  • 1 x Research and Development Project (Ability to an R&D an unusual item that cannot be created through some other means for use by the faction.  Once this unusual item has been R&Ded, you can then begin producing it in later purchases.  An example of this would be completely unique ships that do not presently exist in the galaxy.)
  • 1 x Cloning Lab (Comes with five cloning cylinders and associated equipment)
  • 0.5 x Orbital Shipyard (Meaning you can only purchase the ability to build half of the ship in one faction purchase.  A subsequent faction purchase is required to complete the design and have use of the vessel)
  • 1 x Unique Item (Anything you can come up with that has not been specifically stated may be submitted for approval)
Vessels/Battle Stations

  • In order to purchase any form of vessel, your faction must already have control of or access to a shipyard to produce the vessel. Additionally, this shipyard or your faction must possess the plans for said vessel. As a general rule, shipyards produced by factions have no plans to any vessels unless acquired by the faction. Canon shipyards maintain plans for vessels that, in canon, have been produced at their shipyard. This will all be verified by the administration when your faction moderator submits their faction purchase request.
  • No vessels/stations can be designed with a working superlaser.
  • All vessels are built with their full canon starfighter/troop/transport compliment. If you want the compliment to be altered, you need to specify that in your faction purchase request.
  • A faction cannot maintain a fleet that is greater than ten times their current planet count at any given time. If your faction is already over this limit, you will not be able to produce ships until you control more planets and thus more resources to produce them.
Available Purchases:
  • 10 x Vessel from 500 to 1000 meters (In one faction purchase, you can produce up to ten total vessels assuming the vessel class fits within the length range of 500-1000m)
  • 5 x Vessel from 1000 to 2000 meters (In one faction purchase, you can produce up to five total vessels assuming the vessel class fits within the length range of 1000-2000m)
  • 0.5 x Vessel > 2000 meters (Meaning you can only purchase the ability to build half of the ship in one faction purchase.  A subsequent faction purchase is required to complete the design and have use of the vessel)
  • 0.25 x Death Star I/II (Meaning you can only purchase the ability to build a quarter of the station in one faction purchase.  Subsequent faction purchases are required to complete the design and have use of the stations)
After approval, the purchase has to be constructed IC, and the purchased item cannot be used IC until the thread is complete.  A faction cannot submit for the next faction purchase until the previous one has been completed.

If a faction is dissolved, then the faction purchases are dissolved as well and cannot be distributed among its members or former members.

Happy RP'ing!
~ Star Wars: Descension Staff
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Star Wars: Descension - Rules
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The following people have all invested their time and will in making sure the written text above is presented to you as it is and includes everything it needs to.
These wonderful members are alphabetically listed as follows:

 Adrianna Fiore
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Crystal Carter
Darth Immortus

Drakon Loashar
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Kari Pujas
Lenavina Caezar
 Lucian Drakul
Mercutio Starkiller
 Petra Cavataio
Saejra Maer'Cyn
 Shery deWinter
 TiCira Hawk
 Xander Starkiller  
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