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Timeline / Board History
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Star Wars: Descension is set in the post Legacy era. Basically, this means that everything happens here, happens after anything that you have come across in the movies, books, comics and games.

At the same time, the universe provided here is slightly different; some canon things never happened such as Alderaan existing, and a few other things that will be updated/answered.

Also, we like to play in a free-flowing timeline. What does this mean? It means that you’re not restricted to playing in a specific present point. Your threads can happen in the past, at present, or in a future you visualize that might be.

The only requirement we have is that regardless of when within the timeline you post, you keep up to your current IC rank (beginner/intermediate/advanced) or go lower. For example, if your character is currently a Jedi Knight, and you wish to play in the future, you cannot write your character as a Jedi Master. However, if you take him into the past, you can make the character a Jedi Apprentice again for the purpose of the thread.

Star Wars: Descension History

... First year ...
There was a time when the galaxy was in utter chaos.  Sith were scattered and disorganized from the mess brought about by Xander Starkiller and Shery deWinter. An entire decade passed before Lucian Drakul managed to form a New Sith Empire with himself as Emperor. The Jedi, calling themselves the Keepers of Peace, acted as a pacifist group, fighting only when attacked and keeping their heads as low as possible.

Far from the main galaxy worlds, the Witches of Dathomir lived separated in clans and constantly fought among themselves, keeping away from the business of outsiders. The Criminals of the Underworld remained scattered, each working to their own agendas, building their lives and businesses as they fought local law of Nar Shaddaa, striving for mere survival.

The New Sith Empire did not last long as the short time Emperor vanished along with the rest of the royal family, leaving the Sith in chaos once more.  The Empire soon became a Remnant as it crumbled, giving way to a new royal family's rise, and a new Emperor – Cameron Centurion. His ruling was short lived before he too disappeared. The Jedi and the Republic Remnant joined forces as The Alliance, acting as a two headed hydra as they took on the fight against the Sith. However, it wasn't enough.  The new Alliance crumbled and quickly fell into the shadows of the background before rising to any form of glory to be remembered for in the future to come.

As the leading groups failed a second time to truly leave their marks in history, the Dathomiri united, under the leadership of Petra Cavataio as their Superior Mother. Those that refused the unification were dealt with, those that accepted it, began to work together for a brighter future of the world. Even the Criminal Underworld had more to show than both the Jedi and the Sith, organizing itself under the Council of Nine, giving them a golden era of prosperity and great amounts of credits though it would not last for long.

The Sith Remnant quietly begin their re-form as new heads began to rise, each of them vying for their own power.  The Criminals, though still flourishing from their brief unity, returned to their old ways working separately and each for themselves.  Even the Alliance, a fragile bond of Jedi and Rebels, remained scattered, lacking true leaders to guide it to a new day.

The galaxy cried out for a leader in the midst of it all with none of the groups fully able to take on the role of Galactic Government, whether for the cause of good or bad, there was no true unity through space, between the planets... They remained divided and at faulty peace...

Dark times laid ahead for the galaxy... a period of nine months had come and gone, the Sith Remnant had fallen to their weakest moment, losing another Emperor in a short period of time as the Galactic Alliance lead by Admiral Wholf failed to take initiative and strike them at their weakest moment, focusing more on diplomacy, trying to entice a chunk of the galaxy to join their cause.

The time had been well wasted, allowing the Sith to regroup under new leadership.

Starting from Coruscant, Grand General Xander Starkiller began a long term military campaign after receiving his commission and immediately began making waves by taking Corellia with little to no resistance.  At nearly the same time, the Remnant Senate vote to appoint Shery deWinter to the position of Grand Moff.  Though her official duties did not extend to managing the Remanant Military, the Grand Moff worked discreetly as the Grand General's adviser, strategist and coordinator.

The Sith, unified once more, struck fear into the galaxy, crippling the very efforts of the Alliance's incentive of advancement and stability through diplomatic relations.  In seemingly no time at all, most of the Alliance's supporters had all but abandoned the organization.

Expanding to the Colonies and Inner Rim, the Remnant fleet captured key worlds such as Fondor and Thyferra along the Rimma Trade route before turning northward, capturing Cato Neimiodia, Commenor and Zeltros on the way to the strategic point of Onderon. Using the planet as a strong staging point, the Remnant invaded the Hapes cluster and soon brought Hapan space under Imperial law. Using the victory as a chance to refresh their troops and supplies, the Remnant fleet mapped out a new lane to Tanaab and took the planet without incident.

Meanwhile, the Grand Moff initiated her own offensive with four warships, given to her by the Grand General, which she led to the Mandalore sector where she offered the people a single chance to bend their legs and kneel to her.  The Mandalorians, of course, refused.  Lady deWinter responded to their refusal by giving the command to bombard the planet. After the attack, she sent in kill teams to mop up the planet with ruthless intents.  At the same time, a staggering force of droids stripped the planet of any remaining natural resources.  Mandalore soon became an example to the many other planets of the galaxy that chose to oppose the Sith Remnant.

Using the Hydian Way, the Remnant fleet captured a number of planets along the route, strengthening its position and that of its ally, Dathomir.  Lord Starkiller's campaign was evident on how the Alliance's failure to act was their own downfall.  At the end of the nine months, the Rebels made their last stand on Dantooine.

At first the attack seemed near suicide for the Remnant fleet, but the ruthless tactics of the Sith eventually decimated Alliance forces.  Even when the Alliance Fleet was badly damaged and beaten, the Sith permitted no survivors.  One, solitary ship managed to escape the carnage over Dantooine, the Imperious Class Destroyer of the Alliance, commanded by a Mandalorian named Captain Strider Garon. 

With the rise of Lord Starkiller's sprawling Sith Empire, a dark shadow was cast over the galaxy as a whole.  The Empire quickly swept across much of the known galaxy until there was scarcely an asteroid not firmly underneath its control through either outright subjugation or clever political maneuvering on behalf of Starkiller's Inner Circle. 

... Several Years Later ...

Starkiller's reign, like so many before, eventually began to erode and crumble as the Rebel Alliance and Jedi Order gradually built strength in the dimmest corners of the galaxy.  In less than a decade, the Empire had all but disappeared, giving way to the Galactic Republic once more.  It was on the heels of this shift in galactic power that Cameron Centurion, former Shadow Hand of the Imperium, unleashed the last remnants of the Imperium's legions of War Beasts upon Coruscant. Simultaneously, elements of Shadow Force arrived to ensure the destruction of orbital defenses and the protective fleets once guarding the capital of the Imperium.  Following several weeks of continuous destruction on the surface of Coruscant, the once sprawling city-planet was reduced to little more than a former shell of its former self.  The last parting gift was the injection of a force-created virus into the atmosphere and water supply of the planet.

However, there remained a small handful of Sith and Imperials determined not to languish under the galactic superiority of the Republic and Jedi for very long.  As unknown forces continued to move almost completely anonymously in the Unknown Regions, a Sith by the name of Darth Immortus rose to resurrect a shell of the former Sith Empire's glory.  Hoisting a devotion to the true teachings of the Sith, Immortus' popularity quickly began to swell throughout the Outer Rim.

Mere months following his meteoric rise to power, Darth Immortus vanished almost without a whisper of reason.  In the vacuum of his absence, a man known to a precious few as the Sith Lord Illuminus and much of the greater galaxy as Lord Cameron Centurion immediately seized control of all holdings belonging to the Revenant Empire.  As time pushed forward, it became more and more apparent to many throughout the galaxy that both Lady Shery deWinter and Lord Cameron Centurion had manipulated the strings of the galaxy since well before the Sith Empire of Starkiller.

However, neither made any visible motions to expand the Empire.  For two years it seemed as though the galaxy had reached a state of...equilibrium, even Coruscant had managed to initiate a very slow recovery courtesy of unnamed, wealthy benefactor.  Unfortunately for every government in existence, perception was little more than contrived reality...

... Several Months Ago ...

The attack was swift...  Though the galaxy was littered with powerful Seers and Force Users that often walked the paths of potential futures on a daily basis, there were none that saw what was too come.  At first, it started as little more than a nuisance, the occasional broadcast station near the fringes of Wild Space and the Unknown Regions having connectivity issues to the rest of the Galactic Holonet.

After a few weeks of steadily increasing issues, most governments ordered those responsible for maintenance of the holonet and other versions of secure communications to initiate action to stop and counterattack the spread of a digital virus.  With every effort to mitigate the virus' effects, it seemed to mutate, to adapt.  In less than two months, holonet connectivity to worlds in Wild Space, the Outer Rim, and the Mid Rim all but evaporated.  The Revenant Empire had the most holdings in the effected space, and Imperial officials worked aggressively to maintain some form of control over planets that were ultimately cut off from the higher spheres of command.

Ordinarily, a loss of communications was not a large concern.  Power within the Empire and many governments was quite decentralized, empowering local authorities to administer their domain largely without interference.  This system, however, only lasted for so long until communities of angry citizens and criminal populations in most governments attempted to take advantage of the weakened state of the galaxy.

By the time the virus had been spreading across the galaxy for four months, it had infected even shipboard communications systems that were networked to the greater holonet or seemingly secure government networks.  Five months into the mysterious degradation and collapse of the holonet, all governments had ordered bases and ships to cease networking and operate on internal systems not accessible from cyberspace.

For a week, governments attempted to operate in such manner.  Then the first nuclear strike was launched.  It remains unclear who started the shooting or why, but it resulted in nearly every major galactic government breaking down into nothing.  With an inability to communicate between planets and, truthfully, between vessels, all government officials consolidated forces independently, fighting to merely survive in the ensuing chaos.

... Present Time ...

Laws that once existed...are no longer enforced.

Order is little more than a fond memory.

With the Revenant Empire and Galactic Republic completely diminished, organizations with cult-like loyalty are the only organized groups to maintain some element of control. long can any organization stand when the enemy is unknown, unseen, and able to approach with little to no warning?
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