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CVD Monthly Report
« on: 06/11/13 05:39:12 »
Faction Name
Cultum Viventium Dea

Faction Staffer
Petra Cavataio

Faction Members

What has your faction accomplished this month?

What were some of the highlights of the month for your faction?

How many LOAs did your faction have this month?

How many threads did your faction participate in the last month? Please mark those that are completed.
Group Threads
  • A list of threads involving at least 50% of the faction's characters, revolving around the faction.
Faction Member Threads
  • A list of the threads done by at least two members of the faction but less than 50%, revolving around the faction.
Members' Threads
  • All threads that included a member or more of the faction, regardless of the thread's purpose.

 What were your faction’s strong points this month? Weak points?

 What do you see as something that could be improved in the next month?