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The Space Monkey Cafe / Re: Whoever posts last wins!!!
« Last post by Shery deWinter on 01/24/18 06:13:50 »
Nope :D
The Space Monkey Cafe / Re: Whoever posts last wins!!!
« Last post by Goddess Petra on 06/16/17 22:42:26 »
I am bored'ish and need to be last here ;)
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Anesia Jy Vun on 07/13/16 20:25:56 »
"Must it always be despair?" She knew the answer, or at least her own. Perhaps it was a violent reminder for those to appreciate things more, to love what you have, cherish it. Perhaps it was just power and doing it because you could.

Lush, recently devoured lips pressed at the back of his head, then just behind his right ear. Anesia lingered there, drawing in the scents; he smelled of him and her, one essence that was many blending with that of the others. The cornucopia of aroma caused a soft, pleased sound to pass before she spilled the top-half of her frame into the throne. Her arms that had casually draped over his wide shoulders, along his chest were now more of an adornment at his neck. Fingers stroking the pretty skin along the collarbone and throat, violets directed at the ceiling.

Apparently, during their most recent... joining, the throne became the epicenter to their passionate, lucrative positions. Salacious encounters. Cameron had found himself to be at the base of the massive ornate decor with Anesia's calves tucked at his ribs, feet on his thighs. Soft caresses eventually coaxed his head to cradle betwixt her thighs. She was unaware if the soothing motions were for herself or him in that moment, only that she enjoyed it.

"Cameron," began the woman, voice faint. "Tell me what it is you desire most in this life? Tell me why it is you don't have it."

There was a power there that had nothing to do with respective Forces, but more of a harmony... a balance to it. That too, the Master had no answer for.
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 07/04/16 09:07:01 »
Cameron watched Anesia with amusement and no small amount of lingering arousal.  Even as she stepped between his legs, there was an urge there, a desire to send them both back into the expanse of ecstasy.  There was little doubt that Cameron would have enjoyed yet another encounter, but his mind had already shifted, redirected purpose to something else entirely.

In this life, the Sith Lord desired many things, but he was starting to feel a certain weariness in his plots and scheming.  Perhaps in the end it was all just some half-hearted way to keep his mind distracted from that which he wanted most and yet had no ability to obtain in the present moment.

Coming to his feet, Cameron stepped around the throne to stand directly behind Anesia, hands lightly trailing the curves of her body as he whispered into her ear.  "Quite the contrary.  I am the force behind the tide of despair that has swept the known galaxy of late."  Depositing a soft kiss on the side of Anesia's neck, Cameron allowed his hands to trail down the sides of her body.  It was his original intention to initiate his departure at that time.  However, his desire was quickly redirected as he allowed himself to descend into yet another strongly intimate encounter with Anesia Jy'Vun.
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Anesia Jy Vun on 06/30/16 23:21:32 »
The sensation of separation allowed the woman to lean, finally controlling her own weight and movement. Her hands had tented atop the desk, only the smooth printless pads of her fingers gracing the slick finish, the top of her thighs along its edge. It was as if she was a form of decoration for it at the time and the Sith Master held that position simply for the view it gave him. Bent at the waist, Anesia's backside was still visually offered to him- with long, dark damp tresses that fell to the center of her back, a swell of hips that went along with a shapely bottom, and long lean olive legs. The sheen of sweat and sex still clung to her skin, perfumed the air. And though he spoke, she remained motionless save the slight rise and fall of her chest.

Once vivid violets had slipped shades darker and blinked shut. A smear of a smile began and she turned, albeit slowly . Her gaze previously packed with fire had warmed, resembling something more human. So deep they appeared blue in the dim lighting. The Master watched him, eyes first landing at Cameron's hands and then, his lips."You're welcome," was her reply when finally meeting his silver-greens. Both arms fell, digits curling about the edge of the desk.

It was then she began to study... appreciate the nature of things before her. Anesia took her time with this inspection, perhaps appraising the situation. The man. The lady had not moved from her position, merely drew upon the dark expanse of metal with strokes of her finger at the mention of allow.

Once upon a time, she'd of laughed. The years, it appeared, had also granted wisdom.

Instead, Jy'Vun pushed from her reprieve, bare feet padding the two steps to place herself between his knees. She stood and admired from above, traced the outer workings of his jaw even, before brushing her thumb along his bottom lip. It was a gentle thing. It was what she wanted to do. A natural instinct, a natural reflex with no ulterior motive. Nevertheless, she sighed. "Madness must reign awhile yet still." Her head nodded, agreeing.

Stepping back, the Sith slid away and to the side, fingers faintly dusting his caramel thighs when she moved. "You are not Madness." A ghost of a smile whispered and faded as soon as it appeared.
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/24/16 15:16:19 »
Cameron returned the kiss eagerly, hands still groping along the curves of Anesia's body as if the territory had not already been thoroughly explored.  Soon enough, however, the need for more air than his nostrils could take in at once forced the lingering embrace to end.  For a moment, the dark-skinned Sith Lord merely rested his forehead against the side of Anesia's face.

As the fog of their encounter began to lift, Cameron allowed himself to take a step back, separating him from the inside of Anesia's own body.  Silver-green lingered over the female's form as he casually took a seat in the throne behind them.  "The years have done nothing to diminish your spirit, I see."  The statement was not precisely sexual...this being the inaugural interaction of such between himself and Anesia Jy Vun. 

Still.  That certainly did not mean he hadn't been rather well briefed.  However, there was another matter to address as a single digit from his right hand absentmindedly trailed up the armrest of the throne.  "You understand that I cannot allow you to have this world."  It was not truthfully because Cameron desired it so...merely that he required it to be lawless for just a while longer.
The Galaxy / Re: Aftermath (Open)
« Last post by Anesia Jy Vun on 06/18/16 21:03:17 »
Sweaty, soft palms pressed firmly against the desk- clearly an attempt at bolstering her position while he dipped into her slick, hot center. It was as if each thrust had sought to sink deeper and Anesia could feel the weight of him in her belly. She, very much like him, moved to cheat the inevitable. Prolong the experience. Even though the entirety of the Sith Master ached, throbbed... the woman met his efforts. Her back had dipped, dark ringlets a wet mess across one shoulder.

It was while she watched- violets tracking the motion of his hips and her own body's involuntary reaction- that her lids became heavy and she fought against what they had been working towards. The Sith Master's struggle was evident upon her face and hints of ecstasy flitted across her features. Long lashes fluttered in sync with the grasp and release inner muscles had upon his member. Stroking, milking his need until she cried out. It was a savage sound that ravaged the ears- pleading for more, but having the sound of satisfaction from her mouth that filled the chamber. Her own desire crashed against his, nectar flowing around only to infuse and finally drip down the insides of her thighs.

"My god..."
It was uncertain whether she spoke of him and his... title in the Galaxy when she said this. Nevertheless, it was repeated several times in several languages.

If not for the other Sith Master's greedy desire to have her close and the sheer strength of him, Anesia would have found herself flush against the desk. Instead, Cameron had her plastered against his chest... still confined within a mixture of their shared pleasure. That sultry gaze of hers found his once again and she responded to his nip with a whimper when she shivered. Her right hand had snaked up, moving to redirect the attention of his mouth to hers lest he intended a second round.
The Galaxy / Re: Prelude
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/11/16 10:21:06 »
A thin smirk touched the Sith Lord's dark features as he casually strode forward towards the entrance to the Fountain Palace.  He had sensed Kristin's rapid approach even before the large, ornately decorated doors swung open to reveal the Crown Princess of Hapes.  Silver-green eyes briefly evaluated the young Cavataio's presence before Cameron shook his head slightly, still smirking.

Stopping just in front of Kristin, the Sith Lord gazed down at her and shrugged his shoulders.  "And give you time to properly dress?"  A single digit from his right hand gently traced over the curves of Kristin's body before the arm was dropped to his side.  "Where exactly is the fun in that?"

Offering the young woman his arm, Cameron motioned them forward.  "I trust you have been well in the aftermath of the galaxy's brief nuclear war?"  Not that it had exactly touched the Hapes Cluster at all.
The Galaxy / Re: Prelude
« Last post by Kristin Cavataio on 06/10/16 20:07:01 »
Knocks came from the chamber door, before it even opened. Servants and advisers had learned the hard way about just coming into Kristin’s room. There were around the room those that made that mistake now as her furniture and decoration. She had grown into being a mini-Petra without lust for power. That aspect had always been given to her by her mother. Of course there were reasons to do that by Petra and since it was not apparent for Kristin. It did not bother her.
On the bed, Kristin was laying down and messing with her hair. She gave the air a kiss, “Thanks mirror… always looking good in it.” Hung from the ceiling was her identical twin sister that she decided for the day to be her mirror. Then she sat up to acknowledge the knocks from the door. Acting a little put off, she gave sigh and asked “What is it?”
Slightly cracking the door open, a voice came from behind it. “An Imperial is here to see you, Crown Princess.”
“Imperial? All that shit has fallen apart so the Avatars had said… who da cazzo e qui?” Kristin replied back as she gotten off the bed to put on a pale pink satin kimono.
“Umm… Crown Princess… what was that question?” The Hapan had to ask since the last bits that were said came in another language.
Kristin forgot sometimes that not all Hapan knew the cult’s language. Everyone was eagerly learning their deity’s language but that took time and for Kristin it was easy to forget who knew what since she grew up around it. “I said, who is here?”
“Oh…” Clearly the Hapan was remembering those words for late use before answering. “Lord Imperator Centurion.”
The door swung open the moment the Hapan finished saying Cameron’s last name. That shock was met with being knocked to the floor as Kris dashed down the hall. In what could been easily a good four months, she tapped into the focus as her words commanded it to speed her pace up. Running with the force made it fun for her but it was not as quick as her other siblings.
Coming up to the guarded doors that lead out to the landing pad, Kris had the guards stop from opening it so she could play with her hair. It had to be perfect. Once that was achieved in her mind, she told them to open the door but one cleared his throat and added in head gestures towards her. She was going to yell for not obeying. Then it clicked for her. She closed her kimono while giggling.
Finally the doors were opened for her and out she went with a big smile. Joking a bit greeted her guest, “You should’ve called then I could have put on some grandiose show for your arrival. You know like some impy thing with soldiers and horns and what not.” Giggling in her approach.
The Galaxy / Re: Ice and Dirt // open
« Last post by Cameron Centurion on 06/10/16 18:39:04 »
The hours that passed were almost not enough for Cameron.  While he hadn't exactly been chaste in his time apart from Shery, there was no one that approached invoking the same level of desire as he had for her.  It was as if his mind, body, and soul had been starved of nourishment for too all they wanted was to be satisfied to the point of almost being too much.

By now Cameron's breathing had begun to stabilize, but adrenaline still flooded his body as he re-emerged from what Shery had been using as a modest refresher.  Silver-green eyes found the form of the mother of his child, and he quickly returned to the sheets, pulling her firmly into his grasp.  Following yet another deep, passionate kiss that threatened to stoke the embers of desire once more, Cameron exhaled heavily.  It was an action of satisfaction and contentment, but there was also a layer of...apprehension.

"So what's going on, Shery?"  It was his nature...quick to address whatever the threat or problem was.  He wasn't exactly one to delay the inevitable for too long.
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