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Title: The Unseen Path: Episode One (CVD) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/06/15 08:11:28
The air was filled with one word. That was the name of the woman sitting looking over the sea of people that trailed off down the steps of the temple to meet another sea of people. All were chanting Petra’s name. The reason might appear small and uneventful but to the masses it was major. Petra was not going to stop them in their ritual. This was a window for her to just focus on the force in each one that was kneeling in her city. Drawing a little energy from each while they deepen themselves into triggered trance, the trigger had been programmed into the minds of the population through education, subliminal messaging, and downright invasive machine induced brainwashing.

Education was created for those born into the cult. Schooling the youth to understand how everything works in the galaxy through Petra, the short education process had other draws to it. The children were giving knowledge and tested on it. This allowed advisors to see where to place kids with in the cult. Those that showed signs of sensitivity in the force were sent to Dathomir for the rest of their schooling. While others might show signs that could have them placed in the military or servants of the Law with Judges, then the rest would be shaped into being members of society or just learn the only pleasures in life needed is from obedience created by slavery.

Subliminal messaging is rooted in everything on worlds the cult has control over. Some of it clearly can be noticed but others are better worked into the media the user might have. On the surface, it was not put in place to be secretive but the repetitiveness of the messaging was geared towards being accepted fact. One that if seen and heard over and over can be ingrained into a mind much easier.

Of course, the two ways are not as bad as the last way cult ensures devotion. Education centers are built for citizens to be reeducated in understanding everything. It was design like a spa resort kind of thing. The centers have their machines to the work on the minds of the masses to allow them to leave with pamper bodies and new way of seeing the world and thinking. However on Sognoterra, every home has the machines. The exceptions are Petra’s home and the hotel with brothel. Citizens on Sognoterra sleep in the machines as the population is mostly slaves to handle the visitors coming from other worlds the cult control or doing business with the cult.

Petra had other things in place but those three were the core with the add-ons enhancing the core ways. There were some she did not apply her ways to because of the role they had to fill or use she had for them. Others had experiences indirect ways by Petra thanks to Bando Gora she had taken over. Medicine was a needed across the stars and her pharmaceutical maker was the front for her reformed Bando Gora.

In the temple, Petra got her form of medicine or drug base on how one view things. Draining a little of the force from all the kneeling, chanting worshipers in her city, it was focus on her appearance and ensure she looked like a younger version of herself. A deity had an appearance to keep up for the masses. She allowed it to go on for a little longer before she desired to handle the business she came for. Getting up from her throne, the avatars, Precious and Evilina, moved in to continue session. Petra wanted to go to the room behind the altar which was a more private chapel for her use away from living quarters.

There she reclined on her long chair. Ancillia was already there for her like the good Optivus Res she was raised to be. Petra had others like her daughter out on missions for her. She did invite them back if it did not ruin or hinder the task they were on. It was uncertain if other Optivus Res would come. They could be updated later with her new plans. Two were half siblings to Ancillia that was there while other two were active players in the galaxy until she redirected them.

Petra relaxed and took the moment to unwind. Nothing was said for the longest of time so she could rest her eyes in the moment. Once she was truly ready she told Ancillia to get Evilina and Precious.
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/06/15 23:54:48
   Unlike her other siblings, Ancilla did not greet her mother like they would. They knew Petra as mother and the entirety of Ancilla’s life it was Goddess. However she had been seeing that changing to. It was believed that those children that looked similar to Petra called her Goddess and the rest as mother. Ancilla had been seeing the growth of the cult changing minds even with in the family.

Kneeling and waiting for commands, she had a sense of ease and calmness. It was coming from the bounds in the force that attached her to Petra. The time waiting did not matter as the presence of Petra made it meaningless. It was the command that brought life back into the kneeling Optivus Res. Obeying the order, she moved quickly out of the chapel and into the main temple to get the Avatars. There she saw the people continuing their chanting, and Evilina and Precious switching back and forth saying their thing.
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Post by: Evilina Cavataio on 11/07/15 00:42:32
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Standing among the people chanting their Goddess and mother’s name, they filled the pauses of the masses their words. Ones to fill the minds and send them deeper down, a simple phrase for simple minds to absorb and carry on even after this session. Things were made even easier as they sounded very close to Petra’s own voice. Then add in their appearance being almost thirty years younger looking than Petra currently looked. The masses did not have to make leaps and bounds to see the two women as two sides of their deity.
The appearance of Ancilla meant one thing and they knew it. They spent the next five minutes wrapping everything up. It had to be their way to ensure the high of the session kept going even after they left. Evilina was fine with the mental whiplash cause from a sudden pull to reality from a trace; however, Precious was the opposite to that liking and handled it for the two. After the masses began to depart, the two joined Ancilla and went into the chapel where Petra was reclining.  They took seats across from Petra that were a little lower than Petra was.
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/07/15 01:36:31
Waiting for others that were not Petra was difficult for the girl, but she had to wait for the two. Ancilla watched the two do what they have done before. It was a bit boring to her. The boredom formed of the uneasiness she was in for being a way from Petra. Unlike the other Optivus Res, she almost has spent every second near Petra. That has developed a different reaction when away compare to others. It became a relief when she could return and kneel next to Petra with Evilina and Precious sitting across from her.
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Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/07/15 02:30:10
Now that Petra had the ears to listen to what she had to say. She began, “My sweet avatars… you have been doing just a wonderful job. Because of that, I know I can add more responsibilities to your load.” Smiling as it was true in her eyes. They had been fulfilling their roles since they took the positions. How things were in the galaxy, she wanted them to handle more so she could expand her influence. “As the cult has entered the grand arena, it has taken on many new roles. We never truly structure things. I only placed people in charge to run the dailies for me. But, that was used for a temp situation while I planned out the long game.”
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Post by: Evilina Cavataio on 11/07/15 14:46:43
Evilina grinned wicked as her eyes rested on Ancilla. In the avatar’s mind, the long game plan meant control over everything again like they were designed to do. Precious on the other hand did not jump to the conclusion like her counterpart did. She had no idea what Petra had plan so she stayed reserved with thoughts. They both knew Petra would tell them, but Evilina would love to use the Optivus Res for her amusement. “Ohhh… We are going to control the Optivus Res for our fun, Goddess?”
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/07/15 16:44:09
The poor girl seeing the eyes of one that would torment her made shiver and coward close to Petra. She knew her mother had done awful things too but she knew that evil better than sister that supposed to represent the dark side of Petra unchained.  Pushing into the couch, her eyes left Evilina to turn and look up to Petra. The eyes of the girl pleaded for what Evilina not to happen and everything remain the same.
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Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/13/15 00:35:46
The looks Ancilla and Evilina had been priceless and Petra chuckled at them. It would been amusing to tease her Optivus Res with hinting that Evilina would have say, but she wanted the important information out and understood even more than the amusement of teasing Ancilla. Petra’s hand was moved down, reaching for her daughter’s head to stroke and ease her. She did that while looking at her two oldest daughters. With a smile, addressed her eager Evilina. “No my dear… they are all mine and mine alone. They exist outside of the cult structure we will have. Everything else will be watched over by Goddess and her avatars.”
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/13/15 00:38:04
Hand on her head felt good. The panic she had that her oldest sister cause was fading while she nuzzled into Petra’s hand. She relaxed as she was safer now from Evilina than before because Optivus Res were going to be outside of the cult structure that Petra had created. She was all Petra’s and it was how she desired it to be.
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Post by: Precious Cavataio on 11/13/15 00:41:15
Precious figured that would have happen. She knew there was a different flow of energy from Petra through each Optivus Res compare to her and her sister, Evilina. However, Evilina did want to like the answer she got. Still like everyone, she had to accept it and flow. At least, she had her own slaves and one had wings. Good trade off maybe, the two avatars had their little groups that were like what Petra had, and they were keeping those.
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Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/13/15 00:45:07
 Petra continue on with her thoughts. “Starting with force order of the cult… the Witches have Lauda over them as the High Priestess. I’m good with her remaining there but I want Precious to oversee. How I see and want the Witches, my Precious can see the same vision and can work better with Lauda and those Priestesses that lean towards the light side of the magick. I’m sure Lauda will like this change even if the Priestesses are already converted to help move the order forward under the cult.”

She paused as she knew her Evilina would feel a little left out because those two did everything together. Then she told her other piece of the news, “Evilina while Precious has that, you’ll have the army of the cult. Leto, Loki, Lugh are the generals and have their gifts in that field but you assist me there to. As you two can help handle it all these two being given to each of you is aimed at your gear sets as the avatars of me. I want no quarter given when we invade or times of war so I know Evilina will make sure the Generals follow that.”

Still stroking her Ancilla’s head as she spoke to her avatars, “Now for the other sections will be equally handled by you two, the princes, princesses, Elder Judge, and Scelus will answer to you two if they fail to meet my desires. Before questions pop up, the princes and princesses are those over each planet the cult has government control of like Kristin on Hapes and Lauda on Dathomir besides you two here. They’ll have their advisers and such to help them make sure the planet is run like Sognoterra in a sense. Since Siena, Envy, Ava will be busy with their roles like Leto, Loki, Lugh; Serva will be next in line and I think I have a world in mind.”
“Anyways, you two know Judges are all Ava and her daughter Squeak. They are geared for those roles and should just be observed more than micromanaged. This will help with the focus on Cosa… we are changing all that on its head. Siena and Envy will step into the Elder position. I know it is a little shocking but those answers are coming soon. I have things planned out. So for now… We will to make sure you two have an adviser on each world, and there are enough Judges, servants of the law, and hounds for the populations.” Fingers scratched Ancilla’s head before they left; Petra sat up and had Ancilla between her legs. Looking down in sense of being superior at her avatars, she left a question float in the air. “Am I understood?”
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Post by: Precious Cavataio on 11/13/15 00:49:04
 For the two, they got what their mother wanted. They also understood they had no choice in the matter. Experience over the centuries had shown them that their roles as avatar gave them little freedoms when Goddess had made her decreed. Their place had more restrictions than Petra’s Optivus Res. Both had similar features but their minds were Petra’s but the sides of who Petra was. Even closer inspection, Evilina and Precious looked exactly like Petra when she was in late teens and very early twenties minus the Sith tendrils and red skin which Evilina’s skin was redder than Petra was currently. Same time, they had their own little personality to contribute to Petra persona.
The two gave a nod towards Petra for their response.
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Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/13/15 00:52:15
This was what so enjoyable in life. Desires being voiced and accepted by others, some might get bored or see it lacking in things. Petra did not have those shared feelings. If the entire galaxy did her whim, she would still find ways to amuse herself in some extreme way. That is how she was after all.

Now that she had a nod from each, she told Ancilla to check on the others that she had a meeting with after her Avatars. It had two purposes. One was the what was on the surface with making sure Siena, Envy, Leto, Lugh, Loki, and Ava were there and waiting. The other was to get Ancilla out of the room so she could say the last bit of news to her Avatars.
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/13/15 00:57:09
Getting to cling to her deity and owner’s leg was lovely; the attention she got was delightful compare to being ignored completely. Ancilla got to her feet after being told what to do. She even added a bow to Petra before heading out the doors to find her older siblings for her mother’s next meeting.
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Post by: Evilina Cavataio on 11/13/15 01:00:29
Evilina almost got up when Ancilla left because she believed that Petra was done with them too. She even leaned forward to start the motion to get up. However, Precious was not moving from her chair. While her sister might believe things were over, her uncertainty had herself more glued to the chair to see what would happen. Eventually Evilina saw her sister was not moving so she leaned back and waited to see what would come next.
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That words that were desire to come from her next would cause a stir in Petra’s mind. It had to be shared with avatars for the system to work better. As long as her blood line was tied so deeply to her, then all the planning and plotting would be for nothing if her body was destroyed. That link was the lead to the words that would shock. Petra took a moment before she spoke in a cold tone. “The bloodline of Ra is ending and everything that was his will be gone forever… finally.”
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Post by: Precious Cavataio on 11/13/15 01:17:54
Both knew who Petra was talking about. They had learned about Ra’Ran-gu before their official placement as Avatars in the cult. It was surprising to hear their mother say his name. It could have been the first time they heard his name said in person and not some holocron. Precious was on her feet, and holding back from getting closer to being in Petra’s face while Evilina sat in shock. The avatar of life and light made her feelings known. “How can you say that Nox needs to die… he has been busting his ass off for you longer than I can remember. So this is why you have the bimbo sluts taking over his position… you know some of your children will see this as a threat to their will being.”
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 A focus on the force and flick of her wrist, Petra pushed her child back into her chair with the force. The pleasant look turned to a darker gaze at her two avatars. Besides the gesture she had made, no other movement from her seat happen. However the tone grew darker, “Watch it child… I have purged the family before and I’m not going to lose sleep over it if I do it again. No one but Nox and you two know of Ra… and because of Ra, I need to kill Nox to fix an issue that been hidden for a long time.”
In reality, Petra never killed Ra since he was her husband besides being part of the ritual that caused them to live as long as they have. She kept him frozen and stored him from any eyes. The plan was to do the same Nox after she got the amount of the blood from him she needed. The reason had to do with genetic coding that her son had. Both Ra and Petra’s dna after ritual they did made Nox, and it kept him linked to the ritual but unlinked to his parents fates which none of the other kids of Petra could say. She wanted to resolve it before her end would come.
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It was more unsettling to be pushed back by family; however, Precious knew from it that her mother was not going to be challenged over what she wanted to do. Most of the time it was Evilina and her nature to do the challenging, it was just Precious time to do it. Evilina did pipe up, “If you waited this long… what is it to wait for another hundred or so years?”
Precious having her moment to recenter came back with, “Think about it… if she has to do it now then signs are pointing to it needing to be done. So why question her?”
 “Hey block head that reacted before I did… you can’t say that and think you are in the clear. Don’t be dumb.” Evilina shot back at her sister.
A word was leaving Precious’s lip but Petra’s voice stopped everything that was going to be broadcast from her. Both were focus on their mother.
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 “You two shut it now… He will die so you and your siblings can live. This is final.” Petra declared coldly to her children. The others might not know what would be going on in the future, but the two that were Petra in almost every way possible were going to back the matriarch of the family. Before she felt like they needed to leave, she added with a loveless, cold, authoritative tone. “And… if anyone wants to retaliate for Nox’s death, I’ll be more than happy to remind them who I am with their death or worse. I gave you all life, and I can take the life back. A pause was placed to let it sink in so if they heard anything it could be handled. 
 “Now you two go do what you were created to do for me.”
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Post by: Precious Cavataio on 11/14/15 14:07:03
The two were listening but they were picturing some Cavataio children that were born and erase from existence for their failures which no Dathomirian Cavataio knew about. Even with the insult towards a set of siblings, Precious knew they were that way for a failure that happen to one. Evilina added thoughts what Petra did to Ancilla, a daughter from a mistake that is believes she is just owned property of Petra and not the daughter of Petra. Both knew that their newest siblings were created because Petra was tired of having children herself and used another with the guise of love. They had never seen their mother love anyone since they saw her just kill them once she got bored playing them. For Precious, it made her think about how times they were killed and reborn until they were how they were presently.

 Their thoughts snapped back to the moment when they heard Petra dismiss them. Quickly getting up, they bowed and added at the exact same time. “Anything and everything for Goddess Petra.” Then Evilina headed out first since she was closest to the door to the temple from where they started their day at. Precious was behind her sister until they entered the temple and doors were closed. They walked side by side through the temple to the stairs leading down to the city that circled the temple. Nothing was said between the two; however, they were thinking the same. The thought that their mother was losing it after so many years alive was the primary one, and secondary one was how to deal with the woman before more Cavataio were killed.
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After her children left and it was just her in the room, Petra got up from her chair. Walking over to the desk, she picked up datapad. Power button was press and glow from the device began. On the screen, it was an image of a pureblood Sith among Jedi. There was a note under it that stated the male claimed to be a Cavataio. Petra knew what her Jedi pet sent.
There was a time Petra had red skin and facial tendrils and even her son, Nox had those features. However, the two went through almost hundred operations to remove the species features from them. The man in the photo was result of Petra and Nox being together in Petra’s attempt of making a pure Cavataio. His name was Rom’anri and he was one of two children Petra had with Nox. This was the true reason behind her motives. Rom’anri and Nox’s blood in a ritual could cut the ties of all Cavataio from Petra. It was set in place at the moment, her death meant death to all Cavataio who did not have Ra’Ran-gu’s blood.
A message was created with the image attached. It only said to meet her at the Dathomirian space station in one day. That was all she needed to say to Nox. She knew he would know what she wanted to do. Kill the Cavataio who another Cavataio she killed declared was died by their hand before their last breathe.