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Kyra Dreugan
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Name - Kyra Dreugan

Age - 26

Species - Human

Homeworld - Tatooine

Profession - Gun for hire

Kyra was orphaned at an early age and remembers little of her birth parents. As a young child she always had a knack for fixing things, mainly weapons and so that fascination with weapons carried over into her adult life. When she was orphaned she was sent to what passed for an orphanage. She spent several hard years in the orphanage, until she was one of the lucky few to actually be adopted by a nice family and not someone looking for slave labor. The couple that adopted her was actually passing through Tatooine at the time. From then on Kyra spent the rest of her life traveling from planet to planet with her family. As young as she was she didn't know exactly why they traveled so much until she was much older; her adoptive parents were smugglers and damn good ones. The couple was viewed as nothing more than that, a couple with a small child and so they escaped suspicion of doing anything illegal for...well...ever. However, Kyra didn't stay with her new family forever, nor did she take up the 'family business' much to her parents dismay. No Kyra's true calling lay somewhere out in the galaxy and so now she is a hired gun.

Kyra's Ship-


Class 580 freighter


Light freighter


37 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

800 km/h

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2
  • Class 15 backup



Laser cannon (1)





Cargo capacity

200 metric tons


6 months

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Kyra Dreugan
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