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Ryan Marek
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Full Name: Ryan Marek
Alias: The Prince of Thieves
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Lianna
Legal Status:
Alive, uses false Identification
Living Situation: Unknown (has an apartment on Nar Shaddaa)
Occupation: Thief, Infochant, Assassin

Affiliation: The Criminal Underworld

Force Rank: Force Sensitive

Personal Skills:

-He is fluent in Galactic Basic, Huttese. He can also understand Binary and some Mando'a
-He is a master thief and has a vast knowledge of computers, lock picking, hacking, and hustling
-He is a skilled hand to hand fighter and is proficient with the use of a collapsible staff and other
weapons and tactics
-He has a high pain threshold and is proficient at resisting most forms of torture
-He possesses incredible luck and a sixth sense about danger, attributed to a degree of Force Sensitivity
-He is very perceptive and can easily read body language
-He is a talented Sabaac player and escape artist and is very rarely chained down for long


Ryan is shown having a very serious attitude especially when it comes to his work. Though serious, he has been known to crack the occasional joke and/or pun here and there. Though he has no qualms about killing people should the need arise, Ryan has a good general sense of right and wrong. His personality seems to change according to the situation and isn't above tricking others to get what he needs. He is very shrewd and knows how to spin a situation to better his place in it.

Physical Stats
Avatar: Norman Reedus
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 192 pounds
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Other: He has an athletic, muscular build.

Known Family:
Mother: Theresa Marek
Father: Jonas Marek (Dead)
Siblings: Bryan Marek

General Appearance:

His dark hair is kept at a short length and his blue eyes shine brightly in certain light. He usually keeps himself clean shaven but has been known to sport a 5 o'clock shadow. Never seen without his trademark leather coat. Underneath he usually wears expensive suits but changes to suit the situation. He wears leather boots made of the finest leather and can usually be seen carrying a black cane.


The Queen of Hearts - Personal Luxury Yacht 3000
Collapsible staff/cane - A black cane that can extend into a full length staff
Sabacc cards - (x2 decks) Typical playing cards used in the game Sabacc; the second deck are made of metal with razor edges and are used as weapons
Clothing - Suits, hats, coats, boots and shoes
Adjudicator slugthrower pistol - (x2) Hold out pistol, Silencers equipped
Bryar pistol - Blaster pistol, main side arm
Hush-98 comlink - Modified to fit the time
Versafunction88 datapad - Modified to fit the time, hacker friendly
Lock pick set - Basic tool set for primitive locks
Grappling spike launcher - Used as an ascension device, acquired on the black market


-Official records begin-

Age: 0 - Ryan Marek is born on Lianna
Age: 8 - Ryan is taught to be a thief by his father, Jonas
Age: 12 - Ryan completes his training by pick pocketing an item from his fathers pocket
Age: 16 - Completes his first heist with his father
Age: 18 - Watches his fathers execution at the hands of a Hutt Crimelord, disappears from public sight

-Official records end-

Age: 20 - Completes his training as a Master thief on Nar Shaddaa, by stealing 100,000 credits without firing a shot, is recruited to join the Organization, a group of righteous assassins.
Age: 23 - Wins his Luxury Yacht the Queen of Hearts in a Sabaac tournament
Age: 26 - Completes the biggest heist of his career, Con's a corrupt millionaire out of 2.2 million credits and earns the title "Prince of Thieves" by his peers.
Age: 27 - Begins to gather information concerning some of the more high profile men and women in the Outer Rim, accepts a position in Seth Draclau's Company 
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Ryan Marek
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