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Adonis Verus
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Name : Adonis Verus
Age : 172 Standard Years
Race : Diathim
Rank : Lt. Commander
Affiliation : OmegaPyrE
Parents : Cesar Verus (Father/Deceased) ; Diana Verus (Mother/Deceased)
Homeworld : Millius Prime
History : Born on Millius Prime, Adonis has for most of his life had a facination with soaring through the stars around his native world. As a Diathim, his species are able to withstand the pressure and void of Space, and to date, Adonis has been responsible for no more than 53 freighters to crash onto the surface of his native planet. One vessel would change his life, as it housed a military detachment who taught Adonis about weapons and demolitions. Against the wishes of his parents, Adonis left his native soil when a passing vessel responded to a hail sent by the militants. During the last 50 years, Adonis has practiced weapon usage using first slugthrowers and eventually blaster rifles. He has also been trained in demolitions, to which he can affix to starship hulls as he can fly through open space without a pressure suit.
Starship Information
The Paladin   

Starship Model - VCX 700 (Modifed)
Class - Light Freighter
Length - 25 Meters
Max. Atmospheric Speed - 1000 km/h
Hyperdrive Rating - Class 1.0 / Class 12 Backup
Shielding / Navigation - Military Grade
Armament - Dual Laster Cannon Turret x1 ; Light ion cannons x4 ; Autoblaster x1 ; Concussion missile launchers x4 (2 missiles each)
Crew - Pilot x1 ; Gunners x4
Min. Crew - 1 (All systems can be routed to Cockpit)
Passengers - 6
Cargo Capacity - 5 Metric Tons

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Adonis Verus
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