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Tobias Solari
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Name : Tobias Solari
Alias : Toby
Age : 22
Rank : Knight
Affiliation : Jedi Order / Loose ties with the Alliance
Avatar : Matt Tuck
Height : 6'2''
Weight : 200 lbs
Family : Devin Solari (Mother/Deceased) / Tarkun Solari (Father/Deceased)
Siblings : None
Living Status : Single
Homeworld : Dantooine

History :
Born in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Toby's mother died in childbirth, and his father resorted to drinking to ease the pain. One fateful day, he got drunk and picked a fight with drifter which resulted in his death. At a young age, his skill with the Force was put to the test and his promise was great. At the age of 13, he was one of the youngest Jedi to be promoted to a Jedi Knight. Since then, he has constantly been testing himself. Since his parent't death, he took over the home on Dantooine, and donated some of the inheritance to the Enclave to fund its operations. At the age of 18, Tobias led a Jedi excursion to Korriban and recovered several relics that was sent to the Enclave sub-level for safe keeping. Now 22, he returned to Dantooine and back to his family home.

NPC List :
Tako'or (Tak, Tako, Taky)Lethan Twi'lek technician in charge of all modifications to the vessel while docked on Dantooine, as well as serves as second officer while out on excursions. Personal friend to Toby as he was saved from a life of crime, but tragically lost his life-mate to a Hutt Gangster during a failed attempt to rescue her. To this day, Taky holds no ill feelings toward Toby, as he did everything in his power to save her.
Zee-Four - CZ-Series Protocol Droid. Toby bought Zee-Four from a junk dealer on Tatooine, and he and Taky spent nearly 9 months rebuilding the droid's main functions. While on the ground, Zee-Four is a shrewd negotiator, and has saved Toby to date no less then 100K Credits on ship parts to upgrade his vessel. Also, he can provide constant communication for Toby while on the ground with Taky while he stays aboard the ship.

Personal Craft - "Slicer's Paradise"

Stock Floorplan
Vessel Class - Dynamic Class

Technical specifications
27.24 meters
25.94 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere)    
800 km/h
Hyperdrive rating    
Class 3.0
Navigation system
  * Navigation computer equipped
  (* Can interface with utility droid or astromech droid if navigation computer is locked or damaged.)
  * Twin turbolaser turrets (dorsal and ventral)
  * Heavy dual laser cannon turrets (port and starboard)
  * Pilots (2)
  * Gunners (2, optional)
Minimum crew    
Cargo capacity    
60 tons
2 months

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Tobias Solari
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