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Isis Velos
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Basic Info

Personnel Datafile:  The Silent One

Full Name:  Isis Velos 
Age:  32
Gender:  Female 
Heritages:  Miraluka/Kiffar/Corellian/Mandalorian 
Birthworld:  Dantooine 
Homeworld:  Dantooine

Legal Status:  Coruscanti citizen
Relationship Status:  Single 
Living Situation:  N/A 
Occupation:  N/A

Affiliation:  Factionless, currently
Rank:  Jedi Master

Personal Skills:  Isis is skilled with both shortswords and longswords, both single-bladed and double-bladed variants.  She is also moderately skilled in repairing astromech droids.

Force Abilities Known:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Force Empathy 
Force Persuasion Force Sense
Magnify Senses

Lightside Padawan -
Control PainForce Healing (Self)Ionize

Neutral Knight -
Body Adjustment
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis Force DeflectForce Sight

Lightside Knight -
Force Healing (Other)
Mind Trick

Neutral Master -
Force AbsorbForce Cloak
Mastered Telekinesis

Lightside Master -

Personality:  Isis is extremely quiet. Some have thought she either cannot speak or is simply extremely shy. She does speak, however, in a voice that, very often, makes one's hair stand on end. She has something of a presence, an aura that suggests she is not entirely of the mortal realm. This is untrue, but it is still there, defying all attempts at identification.

Hobbies:  Meditation.
Physical Description 
Avatar:  Christina Ricci 
Height:  4'6" 
Weight:  95 lbs. 
Hair Color:  Blue-black 
Eye Color:  Violet, Pale Blue 

Possessions:  Isis owns a black leather bodysuit, a tattered-seeming crimson and grey cloak, and a single-bladed lightsaber with a silver blade.

General Appearance:  Isis stands about four feet and six inches tall, and she weighs ninety-five pounds. She has skin the color of purest ivory and a twin-colored gaze, one eye a rich violet color and the other is blue. She has shoulder-length silky blue-black hair that has long since been tamed and pulled back behind her in a bun. She wears a black leather bodysuit underneath a crimson and grey cloak.

History:  Isis was born on Dantooine, to a woman she knew only as Alita Velos. She has never learned exactly where on the surface of Dantooine she was born, or the circumstances of her birth or conception, or who her father is or was, but whatever the answers, she grew up with a heightened sensitivity. Not to thoughts or emotions, but to people's souls, their very natures. This sensitivity must have bothered her mother in some way, for she put her up for adoption on Coruscant, and then simply . . . vanished. Isis grew up in the shadow of the Jedi temple on Coruscant, in more ways than one. Her adoptive parents were both Zeltrons, a race of empathic humanoids. Both of them taught at the Temple, but neither were Jedi. Since her fifteenth birthday, however, they have seen and sensed signs, indications, that the Force, long-dormant in her, was starting to awaken. So they have let the Jedi at the Temple know about her, not long after her sixteenth birthday. It has been thirteen years since then, and since she became a Padawan, all those years ago, she has resisted the temptation of the Dark Side, made all the more insidious because her mother has been a dark-sider the majority of her life. She has fashioned her own lightsaber under the tutelage of her former Master, Talisa Whitestar, but she prefers not to use it, resorting instead to her skills with the Force. Upon ascension to Knight-hood, she dedicated her life to combating the evil of the Sith, no matter who they may be. Two years ago, at the age of 30, she was recognized for her efforts in this regard, by being granted the rank and responsibilities of a Jedi Master.

Now, she intends to continue her life's purpose at all costs, with all the skills, powers, and abilities that she has at her disposal.  
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Isis Velos
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