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Jaceb Netrache
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Name: Jaceb Netrache
Height:  6,3
Weight: 202 lbs
Appearance: dark brown hair and light blue eyes
Usual attire :
  Groundside wears a white long sleeve shirt with large  leather pants with a thick leather belt.
  1 Customized black  pilot suit , with multiple pockets for carrying tools for his ship.

Other equipment:

One prize set of hydrospanners received from his mother
One “Epel’jaken” DL44- blaster pistol

    Designer/Manufacturer: BlasTech Corp
Designation: Pistol
Size:  ~22 cm
Mass: ~1,2 kg
Effective Range: 50 m
Fire  Modes: Single, Multifire
Damage Rating: 50
Magazine:  25 Charges
Ammunition: Blaster Powercell
Standard Price: 750 Cr [/list]


Born en route aboard a ship heading towards the Adegan System, Jaceb Netrache was brought up by his father and mother during a harsh time Kendra and Jenten Netrache.  He grew up on a small moon which  orbited the system primary with his mother as his father worked the mines below. His mother, Jenten piloted a small space freighter carrying  supplies from place to place across the nearby planets for the corporations who delivered the natural resources to various military industries, including processing crystal focuses for blaster weapons. Jaceb rarely saw his father up until the time of age eight, the family was separated for long periods of time with Jaceb rarely seeing his father.   After a mining accident, his father Jenten lost his leg during  a mining accident the family was reunited with sole dependency upon his  mother, Kendra for income until they could pay for a prosthesis, and it  was during these times that he learned the basics of a spacer as he attempted to help in the shipping duties at his mother’s side.


After they got enough money for his dad’s new leg , things on the home front went south, as his dad failed to want to commit  himself to any honest work after receiving a new leg. He started to not  come home often and when he did smelled of alcohol and spice. One day Jaceb had followed him around to figure out why his dad was “changing.” Jaceb confronted him before they both got home and the look upon his fatther's face was one of intense pain and remorse.


His father told him a secret... he had taken out a loan  to bring his expecting wife and unborn son to this world. A place where  he thought he'd had some opportunity. The people he had taken out the loan from... were the very same people he was now forced to work for.

It was heartbreaking to Jaceb to know this, but his dad  asked his son to be a man and keep it a secret from their mother. No matter how much it might hurt her – his father didn’t want her to think the man she had married was such a reject but if that’s what it took to keep her from the truth then so be it...


His father explained it that he couldn’t bear it if he was more of a burden on his mother then he already was- with all the bills coming in from the leg replacement Jenten said he wanted to do his  best to make ends meet- under his own power, hoping that someday he’d be free of the Red Sand. As time continued to pass even this set of circumstances wasn’t possible to be kept from Jaceb’s mother, Kedra would cry at night knowing the husband she loved did “Missions" and when  asked by the neighbors she couldn't bear to say that he worked as a top  enforcer for a criminal organization.  Once his mother left for another  shipping trip was on a trip and so not wanting to stay at home alone he  hid in the back of his Dads pod while he went on one of his "missions".

It was the one which turned out badly.


Years of being in servitude to the gang made his father  'promoted' to more dangerous missions. So Jaceb had hidden himself well  in one of his dad's old style service pods for his airspeeder. For a few moments he had seen Jenten and another Sand 'tough' working over a warehouse manager of a shipping firm.

Keeping out of sight of his father Jaceb watched his dad struggling with the violent aspects of his newest predicament. He was helpless as he saw the workers who were aligned on the wall in an  execution style line just waiting for the slaughter. It didn’t seem like his father was too agreeable with the way things were going down but his accomplice, the one who seemed to be giving the orders, told him  to shut up and fire or join the people kneeling in line.

Jaceb didn't know what his father was thinking when an agonized look came across his face before he raised his blaster pistol. He merely could watch in horror as it was fired.


… and then continued to fire as six still warm- bodies hit the ground.


All the workers lives snuffed out like they were nothing. And worse, the 'boss' on this job

just laughingly said in his father's direction, "Good, I  thought you were a yellow livered coward afraid of a little dead body. Glad to see your not. Yes, the organization has a place for you for a long time, Netrache. A real long time. After this, we'll never let you go. Mum’s the word on this remember?"


In a quiet, prideless voice, Jaceb heard his father promise he wouldn’t squeal.


 As the man left, one he later found out to be a subordinate boss of the Organization named Mr. Lutren,  Jaceb couldn’t contain himself any more and burst into tears at his horror before his father discovered him hiding among a few crates.  His Dad broke down and cried right there as he gathered his son up into his arms before turning to leave . On the way home as sirens blared in the distance his father shook uncontrollably during the silent drive home. The next day after returning from the store Jenten took his son into the  backyard and told him how he did it because of desperate times and he would quit if he could. He just didn’t know how… but he’d try something soon and asked his boy to be ready for that day and gave him a package.


Inside the package was a blaster pistol. The same one he still owned now.

Jaceb agreed and didn't tell his mom saying he’d hide it in his closet...  A week later, his mom returned and settled down into the back with a worried expression on her face. That night a group of  men broke into the house and killed Jaceb's mom in a struggle after his mother had forced him to hide. He watched as she was played with like an animal long enough before found his hidden blaster. 

He had tried to stop them, even shooting one before they knocked him out and tied him to a chair.


He was forced to watch as they slowly killed her , making long shallow cuts every hour into the night as they seemed to call someone over a comline. Screaming at the person on the end to come and face the music. He knew who it was they were shouting at: his dad. And he could hear his mother's pleas for him to stay away. To stay away and get the police... to play it smart so that he, their child might have a chance to live.

She was screaming for him to stay away as they started to slap her, bruising her face until it was a shade of purple. He could recall hearing an audible crack of a cheekbone splitting. His father didn’t listen, knowing that the police would probably just throw him in prison or not believe him. So he came alone, and a ruthless blaster fight spawned around him before the ones who plagued his family were dead... and only the father and son were left relatively unscathed.

 His father had been late that night from the streets after discovering the organization he was working  for planned to kill him because he was going to leave. ..


And Jaceb’s mother paid the price. A price that was more horrifying when they found a datapad with her doctor’s test results  saying she had been pregnant.   Knowing going to the police would do no  good he took his son and left the house.  He sent Jaceb and his mother to live with a relative in a far off system; hoping beyond hope that both would be safe. Jaceb still doesn't know what happened to his Dad.

His mother miscarried.

Years past and he grew up  and when he was 17, his grandmother died leaving his mother the small house they lived on and Jaceb a trust fund.  He cashed it and almost everything else that he owned along with the money he had for working at  a space port for the past 5 years (which still wasn't much) he bought an old Ghtroc 720 freighter he named the and started a shipping business known as  Netrache's Shipping: Imperial which was lisenced # 3855541J, Republic # 663551AV3

His business went poorly for the first several years and he feared that his business was going to crash.  Then while staying at a small inn on the planet Firro he met a man who would pay him things times over what he has been given if he became a permanent trader for him.  Jaceb agreed and started serving the man at the age of 23.  Then he found out precisely that he was being a trader for a smaller group part of a larger criminal cartel.   Jaceb knew that quitting could get him, or worse: his still living mother, killed at one  end of the spectrum or back to being creditless on the other.  he joined them and now ships cargo for them all over the systems.

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Jaceb Netrache
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Jaceb Netrache
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