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Antares Marclonus (Work in Progress)
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Name: Antares Marclonus
Species: Human
Homeworld: Arcan IV
Age:  25
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft
Weight: 190lbs
Skin colour: Tanned
Eye colour: Blue
Current Rank: n/a
Affiliation: Bounty Hunter


Raised on the dark planet Arcan IV, he was sold as a slave by his parents who couldn't afford another mouth to feed. Sold into service to a order of monks who worked to restore the spiritual basis of the community. They brought slaves into their order as an easy means of recruitment. Their Highpriest, Darius Marshell however was a corrupt tyrant who used the order of monks to further his own goals. Raised by one of the monks that he knew only as Sensei, he was trained in their ways, both their belief systems and their militaristic values.

It was the way of their order to train the young with an older member so as to pass on the knowledge, teaching and ways of their order. His sensei trained him every day in the vigorous manner in which he had trained countless other young members into their order. But as he progressed and grew older he started to show signs that  he was different, he was faster then the others his age, his reflexes were obviously higher than theirs and sometimes he could see things before they happened.

An incident however would however cloud his  past and his future. His order was pledged to awaken the spirit of the surrounding community. Antares now a young man was working hard towards that goal while practicing his martial skills under the close watch of his sensei. A young woman sort sanctuary from her abusive husband. The order took in people like this and so Antares allowed her to enter. She was quite thankful and he reported her arrival and thought nothing of it. He was in full weapons training now, learning to use the blade and the staff. But Antares was a student of an ancient practice known as the  Koropredo, a martial art that focus' on the intent of the person and brings his attention inwards, to explore yourself and then through that knowledge, explore the universe.

Antares was exceptionally gifted  at this, he seemed more attuned to his surroundings then any his Sensei  had trained before, his weapons of choice were two fold, a pair of swords, a katana and Wakizashi. But he also had a bow staff that was specially fitted to break into a pair of harden steel rods, there were blades in the rods so that they could transform into Kama.

It was  after he had left the woman and was deep into his meditations that he sensed something, something dark and foreboding that intruded itself into his peace of mind. Stopping his training he moved towards where his  feelings told him was the source of the distraction. He gasped loudly as he saw the head of his order Darius Marshell had run his sensei through with his sword. Roaring in anger he leaped into battle with Marshell. He was quick and his movements precise, his anger however unbalanced him and took away the harmony of his movements. Darius struck  him down and left him blind in one eye, leaving him for dead he walked out of the monestary over the broken body of Antares sensei and the young woman he had not noticed.

Antares crawled over to his Sensei and looked upon him, amazingly there was still life in his body and he brought his old and aged hand to his greatest pupils face.

Sensei:  Do not give in to hate my young one, your greatest weapon is also your great weakness.

Antares: Don't speak like that Sensei, you will live

Sensei: Death is a part of life my young one, it is the nature of things, light must fall to darkness, but what was the first thing I taught you?

Antares: That light will always rise

Sensei:  Do not fall into darkness and dispair my young one, your soul is too beautiful for that..

His sensei died in his arms and Antares wept  as he held the only man he had ever known as family in his arms. Antares buried the old man on a hilltop which was the first to feel the touch of the sun in the morning and the last to see it as the sun set, it was his way of ensuring that his teacher would be in the light as much as possible.

As he stood over that meager grave he swore an oath to avenge the death of his teacher and the young woman whose name he had never learned, he had buried her here as well hoping that her spirit would be comforted by his Sensei in her eternal rest. He left the  order and the place that he called home, he had to learn and he had learned everything he would in this place.

His journey started as  many such do, full of disappointment and frustration as he was ill-equipped to deal with the outside world and all the subtle levels that a complex society is usually crafted from. Hungry and without options he turned to thieving, using his training he found that he could  reach places where others couldn't and he made a living from it. He ran  afowl of the law and with other thieves whom he would not assoiate with, those who crossed him were dealt with in a harsh and permanent manner, these sins combined with his growing sense of frustration and failure turned his heart darker and darker by the day.

He came across the Bounty Hunters guild after he tried to steal from them. He was detected and immediately set upon by hunters and several of their guards. Cornered and lacking options Antares attacked with a dark passion, his training coupled with his force sensitivity made him lethal  in close combat, the walls were dark with blood and he was wounded by his hatred kept him standing and he approached the head of the bounty hunters guild for that planet.

However the head of the guild was a  vastly experienced man and caught the angry young man in a gas mine trap. When Antares came to he was well secured and in a security cell. He questioned the young man about where he had learned his martial abilties. Initially very relunctant to speak of himself, the days he spent in captivity and the investigation that the Guild Master undertook  soon filled in the blanks. He saw remarkable potential as a Bounty Hunter in the young man and soon released him with a promise of a roof and hot food, all the news that a hungry thief would need.

His training as a Bounty Hunter was fairly brief, he was already well trained in close combat and all that was really needed was experience at  tracking and locating people who wished to be hidden. It didn't take long, several months tagging along with Bounty Hunters who agreed to train him as long as he didn't take any of their bounty. He found that he could sense his prey and could track them down in a multitude of environments. His training took him to many planets in the outer rim territories but he rarely came to any of the inner core worlds. After his initial training he started to take contracts of his own, pirates, murderers and other such scum, tracking them down and forfilling the contract. He found he was very good at the work and it provided him with  excellent training in the base nature of all living things.

He never lost sight of his goal, revenge for the murder of his Sensei and all that he did was a furtherance of that goal. He accquired a X-Wing fighter brought by the credits he earned with his bounties and spent several months simply training in it's usage. It was during this time that he discovered a passion for Pod Racing. Given the environment he was in and the company he kept, the main passion of them all was pod racing. Most gambled on them but Antares and a few like him were brave enough to race the lanes in pods. He found the sport horribly addictive and thrived in the high paced thrill that was pod racing. His record is fairly impressive and in the outer rims he has a small reputation as a pod racer on the rise.

So that is his life at the moment, wondering from contract to contract, learning skills and making contacts  that will one day lead him to the confrontation he so desires and the ending that he believes will happen. His travels and tasks took him across the stars, he learned things, made contacts and become a feared Bounty Hunter even for one of his age, he had certain abilities that served him well, he could see things before they happened and his lightning reflexes were becoming the stuff of story. Several of his rivals decided to finally end the competition between them and put a bounty on his head. Before he knew what was happening he was under siege and like the warrior that he was, he took the fight to them. It raged across space and took them to the planet of Naboo where he was finally shot down and came crashing down to earth. He stood there amongst the wreckage and the rain, injured and tired but still full of fire, his enemies outnumbered him but that mattered not, he had already made peace with himself and decided that if this was to be his end then he would make it such an end that people would speak of it for generations to come.

He fought and clashed like a warrior born, his blades striking this way and that as he moved like a thunderous blizzard through the ranks of his enemies and as great a warrior that he was, he was no match for the sheer weight of numbers and he felt the blast that struck him in the back and as it blew him around another struck him and then another. He dropped to his knees, gasping for breath and as he lifted his eyes he saw her, a robed figure holding a blade of blue fire. She leaped amongst the pack like a hunter, her movements, fluid, musical even. Like a hurricane, she blasted all around her to the far ends and beyond, before anyone knew it there were none left save for the blazing angel in his vision, he felt his breath coming more laboured and death seemed near when she came to him and held him in her arms, she told him that she would not let him fall and that he needed to trust her. She looked like the sun, the morning star herself risen from the angelic host to come before him and save his soul, she blazed with power and he felt that power flowing into him, he screamed and bucked as he felt his flesh mending and knitting together and for the first time he truly felt the force as it was meant to be, without anger and doubt, but with sure confidence and faith, it was like a river flowing through him and as she brought him back from the brink he felt a connection between them that in years to come would save him and his soul.

Her name she told him was Bethany Kismet and she was a Jedi, he had heard stories of them from his old master, warriors of such deadly skill and discipline that they had been granted the duty of defending peace and justice through out the galaxy. He had seen several before but this was his first encounter with one, she told him that he had the potential to be a Jedi and that if he was willing, she would train him. At first he was resistant, he knew the reputation of the Jedi and he was unsure he was worthy but she merely laughed and told him that was one of the reasons why she would train him, his humility. And so it would come that Antares would become her Padawan learner, she knew he had martial training but his knowledge of the living force was non existant and so she took him to her gardens outside the temple and it was here that he recieved his first lessons in the force and the connection that they had as Jedi to all living things.

They would always begin their training by meditating with the rising sun, it was her way of embracing a new day and seeing the best in the world as darkness gave way to the light, it was a habit that her Padawan would embrace as he practiced his kata to the rising sun, the koropredo was a martial kata that he had been taught in his years as a monk in the temple by his ancient Master Sefu. He had adapted it for use with lightsabers but the meaning was the same, each movement, every step was designed to focus and renew the body and the mind, as one became more proficent, the movements would became faster and faster as the kata brought your focus inwards, until finally you were wholly drawn within yourself and it was at that moment when you were completely at peace that you would often find some inner truth or knowledge, this combined with his training in the force allowed Antares to see things, moments through the force that would be of importance to him, they were rare but he learned to pay attention to them.

His training under Bethany was not merely about the force and its use but she also talked to him, she tried to help him see past his rage and anger. She reminded him of what Sefu had told him when he lay dying his arms but it would take many years before he could finally set that anger behind him. Meantwhile under her teaching he was already progressing far in advance of the others in his year, his training as a monk during his youth taught him how to meditate and how to focus, things vital to a Jedi, he could already quieten his mind and find that inner focus that alluded so many Padawan but it was in his use with a Lightsaber that he truly showed his skills. Bethany taught him some basic skills as he advanced she brought in Masters such as Corringath Ventraas and other swordmasters of the order. He learned quickly but the ability to use the force still elluded his mastery and it was something that he constantly had to labour to use.

Days turned to weeks and months into years as Master and Padawan trained together, he turned from the surly, angry youth that he was into a confident and calm Jedi Padawan, he was growing tall and strong under the careful teaching of his Master but she was aware of the growing bond between them, she had discovered that Antares had the gift of force bonds and apparently one had been forged between the two of them, it was intense and at times unwelcomed but it was established and was unlike any before it, they could draw upon each others strengths and sometimes hear echoes through the force of each other, reminders of the better parts of their nature.

As they moved through the years of their relationship as Master and Padawan, they made their way through the galaxy becoming a powerful force for good and peace. Eventually Antares training came to the point where he was allowed to construct his own lightsaber. Bethany came to Antares as he prepared for his morning meditations and told
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Antares Marclonus (Work in Progress)
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Antares Marclonus (Work in Progress)
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Force abilities:

Padawan level:

Basic telekinesis, Enhance ability, Enhanced senses, Farsight, Force Sense, Force jump, Force speed, Basic Healing(self), Force Persuasion

Knight Level:

Battle Precognition, Enhanced Force Sense, Enhanced Telekinesis, Mind Trick

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Antares Marclonus (Work in Progress)
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Character Flaws:

Cursed: Cursed by Shery, all his relationships are doomed to end badly

Paranoid: Being he does not believe in curses, he believes that it is his fault that people around him suffer and becomes increasely distant and remote while over protective at the same time

Inner Rage: Has deeply seeded anger that he still struggles to control, has taken him to the boarders of the Dark side more than once.