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Seth Draclau
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Name -
Seth Maximilian Draclau
Rank - Master level Force Practitioner
Affiliation - Criminal Underworld; Draclau Family; New Sith Empire
Occupation  - Chairman and CEO of Draclau Enterprises

Age - Varies anywhere from 60 to 96, Appears anywhere from 25 to 45
Species - Shi'ido/Nagai Hybrid (1/2 Shi'ido, 1/2 Nagai)
Height - 6 feet 1 inches
Weight - 192 pounds
Skin Color - Pale White w/ Gray splotches; Varies; Usually White w/tan
Eye Color - Dull Gray; Varies; Usually Blue
Hair Color - Jet Black; Varies; Usually Black

- Nagi
Homeworld - Coruscant
Living Situation -
*Penthouse on Coruscant
*Villa on Thyferra
*Penthouse on Nar Shaddaa

Personal Skills -
- Due to his biological make up he is able to shapeshift into any man or woman of the human and most near-human races.
- Due to severe psychological trauma he isn't afraid of most conventional things and has an inhuman tolerance to pain
- Possesses a Genius level intelligent lending to his business savvy and contributing to the massive fortune he has acquired form nothing
- Due to his Obsessive Compulsive nature he keeps his appearance tidy at all times and has lent itself to his impressive physique and condition
- Possesses incredible accuracy with most guns and has proved his ability to hit targets smaller then the eye can see while blindfolded.
- Possesses incredible physical strength as well as seemingly unnatural agility
- Possesses incredible skill with a lightsaber and uses Juyo predominately in combat, as well as favoring a reverse grip.

Force Powers

Apprentice Rank Abilities:
 - Neutral Powers:
    [li]Alter Elements I - Fire[/li][li]Animal Control
    [/li][li]Basic Healing (Self)[/li][li]Basic Telekinesis[/li][li]Breath Control
    [/li][li]Enhance Ability[/li][li]Enhance Senses[/li][li]Farsight[/li][li]Force Choke[/li][li]Force Comprehension[/li][li]Force Jump[/li][li]Force Persuasion[/li][li]Force Sense
    [/li][li]Force Speed[/li][li]Meditative Trance[/li][li]Telepathy[/li][/list] - Light Side Powers:
      [li]Control Pain[/li][li]Force Flash
      [/li][/list]  - Dark Side Powers:
        [li]Force Rage[/li][li]Kinetite[/li][li]Torture by Chagrin[/li][/list]
        Knight Ranked Abilities:

         - Neutral Powers:
          [li]Alter Elements II - Fire[/li][li]Basic Healing (Others)
          [/li][li]Battle Precognition[/li][li]Comprehend Speech[/li][li]Enhanced Force Sense[/li][li]Enhanced Telekinesis[/li][li]Force Blinding
          [/li][li]Force Deflect[/li][li]Force Grip[/li][/list] - Light Side Powers:
            [li]Mind Trick[/li][/list] - Dark Side Powers:

            Master Ranked Abilities:
             - Neutral Powers:
              [li]Alter Elements III - Fire[/li][li]Mastered Telekinesis[/li][/list]

              Personality -
              Certifiably Insane. Seth Draclau's state of mind is an erratic mess that ranges from manically happy to suicidally depressed. He has a habit of making bad jokes and puns that range into the macabre subject matter to just being immature. He claims at times to hear laughter in his head and claims its a chorus of people that made fun of him as a child. He loves to hear the sound of his voice and will not hesitate to break into a rant at any random moment. His anger is usually on display when he is reminded of his childhood and flies into murderous rages to quell the laughter in his head.

              As a young boy he was alienated from both Shi'ido and Nagai culture due to his half breed status. The constant ridicule is arguably what caused his mental state and he hides behind a veil of happiness and confidence to hide his insecurities. He is capable of good deeds however and describes himself as a man that just does things and hopes that helping others can help him, in what way he is not sure. He claims at times to do things from the greater good though this is mostly a cover to satisfy his own psychotic nature, though his actions do range in the area of the greater good.

              Known Family:
              TiCira Hawk
              Children: Chloe Draclau

              Malice Draclau
              Mother: Melina Maer (Deceased)

              Aunts and Uncles:
              Syndell Draclau
              Dragon  Draclau
              Severan Maer
              Milly Maer (Cloned from Melina Maer)

              Siblings -
              Shana Draclau/Lexis Ferran (Sister/Clone)
              Skorn Draclau (Half-Brother)
              Erinyes Draclau (Half-Sister)
              Demala Draclau (Half-Sister)
              Lono Draclau (Half-Brother)
              Daos Draclau (Half-Brother)
              Samael Draclau (Half-Brother)
              Naphira Draclau (Half-Sister)
              Jennica Sorsten (Half-Sister)
              Sandrius Draclau (Adoptive Brother)

              Cousins -
              Syndic Draclau-Nazud
              Venge  Draclau

              History -
              Work in progress

              Notes -
              43 years old when the first Shana Draclau was created
              57 years old when the third and final Shana Draclau was created
              78 years old when daughter, Chloe Draclau is born
              96 years old when daughter, Chloe Dralclau is 18 years old

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Seth Draclau
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Added to the bio index!  Also thought it's funny to mention that you, sir, have thread number 69 on this board

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Seth Draclau
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Seems some what fitting.

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Seth Draclau
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speaking of 69.....>_>  hehe

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Seth Draclau
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The Penthouse of Seth Draclau and TiCira Hawk

Location: Senate District
Planet: Coruscant
Estimated  Worth: 100 Million Credits

Notable Luxuries:
State of the Art Security System
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Personal Office
Sound proof room
Panic room
Exercise room
Open Veranda